Rossocromo For Honda Integra The Requirement

With the Honda Integra in long test, we put in the skin and listening via the forums dedicated to him. The owners of this machine. And very Quickly two trends emerge .


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As for Tmax we find tuning have you fans are Constantly working to make Integra Their most pectacular and desirable , odd sacrifice Some practical aspects , and others , Those for Whom Integra aussi odd before all the best means clustering of travel . By necessity , we find instead in this category , using the Integra and daily tracking Any weak points with the aim of correcting for the best .
The chain 
Among The Most common criticism of the Integra returns icts final chain drive with little impact to the regulars of the bike, goal blemish for Many scooter riders unaccustomed to the Constraints of Maintaining a chain . Could Honda lot of silence critics with a mounting strap , chix That has probably not beens Retained for Purely financial Reasons .


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If ” mopeds ” emerging markets , clean utilities , a chain -have , They Also have a waterproof casing string putting protected from outside elements. It is probably from this observation That Rossocromo offers a particularly covering chain guard , and in the process , a window -wheel . Rossocromo is not only one Have you stepped into this niche, goal does particularly so with convincing arguments.
Founded in 2007 , the Italian company has Developed along two axes : accessories and racing bikes for children 8-16 years with Metrakit . Accessories include the inevitable carbon or aluminum parts , goal with the appearance of three Honda NC700 , Rossocromo Studied in 2012 chain guard and a rear fender That sccm straight out of the Honda factory !


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Made of polypropylene, thesis two parts -have the same material and the same grain as the original parts mounted on three motorcycles, with a design and colors match perfectly That em . The work is so neat That thesis shares are included in the accessories catalog Honda in Some countries!Order online
So we played the game with a visit to the rossocromo website and order online . Performed on a Wednesday, our acquisition was  Delivered on Friday ! Nothing to say about the quality of parts light years some pieces of handmade polyester sometimes encountered in this kind of market .


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No particular Difficulties for mounting on original mounting points except for the difficulty of accessibility Reviews some of ’em . Despite short instructions , parts are easy to assemble and do not alter the line of the Integra , the chain guard with the design , materials and colors of the side panels. The attention to detail extends to the provision of the adhesive label indicating indication the tire pressure ! Even the price is reasonable , since the two parts are offert at   209.

The rear fender , failing completely Call protect the back of the Integra , puts the suspension completely Call safe projections , while the chain guard Protects the chain lubrication , an operation That nevertheless remains heavy , for All which reason We Shall soon mount automatic lubricator !

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