Mahindra Centuro Bikes

One of the main significant in the process of searching for the automotive and bicycle and development, and in recent years we have seen the majority of Indian companies in the fight industry.

Mahindra Centuro Bikes

Mahindra Centuro Bikes Pictures

Fortunately, Mahindra is to stay ahead of the game, its development has been severely chapped work hard to get out of some very innovative things for the segment of entry level bike in India . New Centuro this is a perfect example. Mahindra 2 wheels 110cc motorcycle was under the knife, and has received recent updates , which makes it a very powerful product .

We got our hands on the new Centuro, before it was launched as Mahindra 2 wheels very pleased to introduce their latest products to us. We took note of the new Centuro, The first thing is that it has a whole new look. It follows a similar design motorcycle magic – not started – two gold bars wrapped around the lower part of the tank is the front bezel. This is a unique concept , not will definitely stand out from other models of 110cc bikes . We note that the following characteristics are Centuro now sports an array of fully digital instrument , it comes with more features , including an indicator of programming services and fuel distance calculator empty , while the first bike in 110cc India.

Mahindra Centuro Bike

Mahindra Centuro Bikes Photos

When we handed the keys Centuro, We were very surprised, because the key Centuro flip key remote , it uses an encryption system 96 – bit remote . This feature is not found in any part of any other bike. It is very similar to the car keys , which can be used to locate the bike, because look – my projector and guidance lights . It also acts as an anti-theft immobilizer and central locking system . Interestingly, this key also has a health torch, so you can use it at night , if you need to find something . In Centuro, Other features include LED taillights and pilot lights for optimum visibility. These features will probably Centuro much higher than other 110cc motorcycle, but how does it feel on the road?

The Centuro also has its engine 106.7cc just listen . The engine developed entirely by Mahindra , which provides peak torque 8.5bhp and 8.5nm . The engine refinement is definitely improved. Throttle response is very good, the engine feels just right . No harsh vibration and smooth, linear power . We rode bikes at the foot of the mountain , even uphill, Centuro quietly climbed the road and provide enough power . Gearbox 4 speed is very smooth and the change is very easy and comfortable. Mid-range engine torque is fantastic, stored inside demotion to a minimum , allowing easy travel . Even the driving position is very good, and ergonomic chairs are in stock .

Mahindra Centuro Bikes

Mahindra Centuro Bikes Images

The Centuro also has a ground clearance of 173 mm and 800 mm rider sits , it’s a good high. Mahindra refresh Centuro in doing a great job . Draisienne is also very good , which is a sharp turn around the corner and easy to control. We could not ride a bike in traffic, but because it is lightweight, comfortable and easy to handle, we can not imagine it will be a fantastic commuter bike.

Centuro comes with new features and refined engine, it is sure to have an impact on the market. Companies must ensure that their bike Mahindra sales is good, prices are competitive, or they will lose a lot of ground . Anyway, it suffices to prove that the company progresses, the grave accent on their wheel forces Centuro segment. They can be a force to be reckoned with , and if they play their cards right .

Mahindra Centuro Bikes

Mahindra Centuro Nice Bikes Pictures

Nice Centuro Rs prices Mahindra . 45000 (ex- showroom Delhi) , and announced that the first appointment will be 44,000 to 10,000 sold.

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