Open Weekend for the Yamaha MT-09

The new and waiting naked-mortard, the Japanese will be on display, and proven, during the launch of the program in the next 4 to 6 October

Five hundred euro of difference. And ‘This is the biggest news on the security front, which accompanies the arrival of the naked-motard Yamaha MT-09. The amount, in fact, refers to the increase due impressionability anti-lock braking system, known by the name of Abs that for this model is available on the various versions present.

Yamaha MT-09

Yamaha MT-09 Bikes Pictures

If you want the basic model of the 850cc three-cylinder 115 hp, model year 2014 in shades Matt Grey and Blue Race will spend € 7,890, whereas for the colors Deep Armor and Blazing Orange, MT with graphics on the tank, wheels in the same color profiles , with gold-plated forks and Yamaha written on the vents in 3D, it rises to 7,990 euro. Adding 500 euro you can instead get the corresponding model equipped with Abs, a figure that’s definitely worth adding as a further effort to even the finances of the rough riders, because it represents a great advantage for your skin (which is priceless) . Returning to the MT-09, 4 to 6 October next official Yamaha dealers will welcome the public to show the expected news that has received much interest to date.

“From the first evening of Friday 4 (appointment the time of the aperitif) – announced by the Italian branch – and until the evening of Sunday, October 6, 2013 it will stage an exceptional Yamaha open weekend dedicated solely to the most significant novelty, presented by Yamaha in recent years, which may be touched for the first time with hand but especially road tested simply booking your test drive, subsequently, going from the official dealer three tuning forks closer to home. In addition, Yamaha is launching a new campaign this week, also dedicated communication in print and web. The creativity expresses itself in all its force on the concept of “The Dark Side of Japan”, showing the other side of the Rising Sun, where, for once, you will find everything you look: a dark side and nonconformist of Japan marked by asphalt rough, unmistakable odor of the night and the black darkness, that gave birth to a new kind of force, destined to shake the world of two wheels. “

Lightness and agility are the salient qualities of the new bike (191 kg in running order with Abs), designed with ergonomics that projects the driver “inside” the bike and with a mass distribution that favors the front, while the ‘ power output is adjustable through the triple mapping of the D-Mode.

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