Nice Yamaha Tmax Test Transformer

We already knew the Tmax Hyper Modified controlled by Yamaha with several reputable preparers as German Marcus Waltz , American Roland Sands or French Ludovic Lazareth .

Apart from the magnificent machine completely stripped Sands, we were relatively disappointed by changes certainly beautiful, but purely cosmetic. Only the proposal of the U.S. had been a true reflection on the concept of scooter.

But so far, if the machine invented by Sands is definitely fun to drive, it is not suitable for everyday use with its total lack of storage and tiny tank.

A Real Alternative

Yamaha Tmax Transformer now being tested on MNC is a personal initiative of Yamaha dealer in Nice , Jacques Onda (yes, it can not be invented!), who entrusted the project to Ludovic Lazareth trainer recognized for the quality of his work.

Yamaha Tmax

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Objective: To obtain a (longer sports) Tmax lighter with less protection to feel the speed while retaining the practical aspects of the scooter. Thus was born the Tmax Transformer, so Scooter “roadsterisé” …

Jacques Onda, a former pilot in the world championship 250 in the 80s, is probably one of the greatest architects of the success of Tmax in France. In 2001, he receives the sporting potential of this scooter outsized when transferred rogue in hinterland of Nice with biker friends … it starts fine!

Yamaha Tmax

Yamaha Tmax Bikes photos

t was also he who persuaded Marc Fontan create a scooter category to Moto Tour to prove his point. At present, the Tmax represents 60% of sales of more than 125 cc in both concessions.

Informed Dealer

Jacques Onda does not intend to make a fortune with this Tmax Transformer: Despite a price of 15,000 euros, the Nice dealer ensures that it does not make money and that would even tend to lose, given the price of parts and assembly hours.

Yamaha Tmax

Yamaha Tmax Bikes images

But besides the buzz it generates, this proposed change attitudes Rider “average” and decision makers from Yamaha aims to … for futures, why not, a Tmax naked below 10,000 euros, for example!

Transforming the sublime qualities of Tmax 530 with its 10 kg lighter on the scale. This weight was mainly gained by removing the entire front, including the optics, the entire deck and two pockets as well as the windshield.

Yamaha Tmax

Yamaha Tmax Nice Bikes Pictures

Yamaha Tmax

Yamaha Tmax Latest Bikes Pictures

The Akrapovic titanium exhaust helps reduce weight but also, and fell slightly lowers the center of gravity. The battery was particularly moved: from inside the front, it has migrated under the saddle of Transformer, but without encroaching on the trunk space.The result is felt immediately in the front, more lively and easy without losing stability.

A Good Mouth Roadster …

Nice Yamaha

All bikers crossed during this test are fooled: when they should, for the most part, ignored conventional Tmax, they all greet a small sign with the Transformer its front roadster and its flagship FZ8 topped with a small windscreen.

Yamaha Tmax

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The dashboard of origin is preserved and perfectly integrated into the fairing designed and produced by Lazareth. The saddles, handlebars and mirrors are all from the motorcycle Rizoma range. The steps are preserved but shortcuts: you can not stretch his legs as the other maxiscooters.

With Real Feelings!

Nice Yamaha

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Those who regret the disappearance of two small pockets of Tmax console themselves with this new pockets that takes its place between the pilot’s legs. Unfortunately, it weighs a bit line of the device in its side view.

Yamaha Tmax

Yamaha Tmax Latest Bikes Images

Even with a so-called sports bubble, Tmax 530 is an effective device but tends to smooth the sensation of speed. This can also be dangerous for the permit, because we tend to quickly pass without realizing the 50 km / h legal in town.

Yamaha Tmax

Yamaha Tmax Nice Bikes Pictures

Transformer is the most generous feelings, just like a classic roadster … with the same defects: no protection against the cold weather. But do not forget that the project comes from the Yamaha dealer in Nice, where the weather is unusually mild!

The automation aside, it is clear that the Transformer is really closer to a motorcycle: the chassis and braking have nothing to envy.
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The road efficiency is the appointment while retaining the rear of the Tmax and his famous trunk, which, if not the most spacious of those maxiscooters, has no equivalent in roadsters – Aprilia Mana or Honda NC 700 S included.

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