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It’s fast and lighter than its 125 and 200 sisters, but with a more powerful engine. This interesting “halfway Duke,” KTM is trying to revive the enthusiasm of affordable bikes. We found that if they had succeeded.


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With the new Duke , KTM team need to make the current era of the first street bike , a brave step – this is a blatant words , light engine, single cylinder and gravel to promote control of the traditional brand . KTM 390 Duke is not on First Street KTM – it is in fact his ancestor, the Duke 620 in 1994. The new 390 is the last of the case, if you wish, because it complements a street line (including 125, 200, 690 and 990 ml), which in less than two decades, has allowed KTM to leave niche off road market – but its success may be – in order to penetrate new markets. In 2011, one of the most strategic industries experiments over the past decade Duke 125 – creating the era of orange bicycle design products in Austria and India. This is clearly presented Mattighofen manufacturers (as helmsman instructions Stefan Piller) movement “street” and small displacement motorcycles in the world to achieve.

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Off-road KTM does not develop more physiological reasons ( he owns 50 % of the European market and has begun to establish itself as the U.S. market ) , for the sale of high-performance street car is undergoing phase reflow . It is quite logical to new market segments at the time. And “small” model, the Duke series has become a global company scored twice , while at the same time fixing the number of manufacturers a European title (Duke 200 KTM now the highest total sales ) . We have now reached 390, a necessary mode because it will not only put themselves at the heart of the line, and in the center of business strategy . This is enough to say, that this is the first time in team 67 markets KTM , the brand can be found sold. However, while in Europe, it is one of the entry-level models in developing countries , it is considered the high end. Currency model is ” dynamic ” and ” moderation .” Vitality has been part of the DNA of an orange, and ease of use is a novelty and manufacturers are made ​​to expand its target market as an indicator of stress – but without distorting its image.


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Duke 390 is crucial because it receives will determine if the vision is just Pierer – to maintain low prices 125 and 200 , and 690 in the adjacent muscle size and performance. Chassis substantially from the “small” series transplantation – grid frame , the size of the tire component , and is the same. But dig a little deeper , we found that in WP suspension has been committed to a hydraulic system that provides excellent Sportec M5 in front of 110/70 and two front disc brakes – has increased its diameter up to 300 mm , and has a radial foot slides – assisted by a Bosch double 9MBABS channel. The main novelty is in the four-stroke engine , KTM and Bajaj development team industrialization. Gained 43bhp at 9500 rpm to 7250 35nm , which is double overhead cam head with a 375cc , four -valve fuel injection (Bosch throttle body say ) cylinder .

Thanks to high-value solutions such as fork piston NIKASIL coatings and different from his brother Cam DLC treatment. The vertical axis is the transmission redesigned to increase the density . For a 390 Duke requires the mental state of a person , this is not the case, for example, with a similar bike , such as the new Honda CB500F reset. Seen in the last decades of development has made us lose a small lightweight bike Eruope in touch – so that , initially , the 390 Duke feels like a fragile toy. There are so well designed proportions and design, and we hope the same thing 690 ride characteristics . However , it is evident , with the chassis and the superstructure to day 125 , the most basic sense , to be one eighth of a liter . It became immediately apparent to share with my sister when our blood test ride through the streets of Salzburg area. Light and compact , but with a strong push, I remember the feeling of the old 125 , although the 390 is having a lot more experience. Ergonomic chair is an exception.

Duke 390 but does not encourage horse lovers . This is a fun to educate young riders on horseback tool, it is good to fulfill its mandate. The engine has a very linear torque output – it does not turn tremors 3000 rpm, and extends over 10,000 pulses and change its reached 6000. Loads of vibration , and the chassis is excellent. To be fast, the current axis (cue 94 mm ) of the particular speed does not compromise the stability of braking is perfect, but Metzeler high adhesion – so sudden braking in the wet asphalt , even in small response ABS . Less rigid part of the seat suspension stiffness compensation .



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So what Duke 390 ? It is the largest “small” or smaller ” big? “The first advice seems bewildering , he welcomed the large size , however, once the seat, it still looks like a KTM 125 engine retains the magic of one street – .. Low charm, with a section, that is unmatched motorcycle car market – but it does not have a kick to 690 even if the facilities leave gaps, Indian manufacturing is evident in the finishes and materials of other words, even in the ” ’48bhp sort of have it. transmit more than 390 adult emotions bike, but considering the 390 Duke to be the largest “small” , then it is a spectacular perform experiments with 125 handling, but there is more power, run it directly to the LC4 and LC8 , just stay in the same company the crowning ideal training . 390, as we have said, bikes education. If these Honda CB500F attract even the riders returned from a displacement exceeding Duke 390 does not – . because it has the advantage here is that in 690 400cc displacement , low maintenance costs and low fuel consumption (obtained in our tests at about 30 km / liter efficiency) is a biker people who want to mount a KTM youth – or, in other words, its most dynamic and irreverent categories of bikes.

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