New Harley-Davidson XL 883 L 2014 Super Low

At first, they hit us with chewing gum and coca. Then they introduced Elvis Presley, Baywatch, and Iphone. Americans do everything to seduce us, and Harley is no exception: the manufacturer of Wisconsin continues its offensive on the European market, with models more suited to the way we roll – witness the XR 1200 .

New Harley-Davidson XL 883 L 2014

New Harley-Davidson XL 883 L 2014 Bikes Pictures

This 883 Superlow is to rake even broader than the traditional Sportster. This is done to introduce the novice to the Harleys, the Superlow intends to become a more accessible machine almost a CB 500 rider.

Low seat (695 mm), with a front more ‘European’ with a 120 tire in the front and a caster angle of 29 °, 883 L account the difference in the play ground maneuverability. Wheels shod with Michelin Scorcher (specially designed for him) and the geometry of the chassis, the machine looks brighter, more efficient, and especially more natural to drive his consorts. Orders placed with a more conventional way, the pilot’s arms will be less constrained while driving. Do not ride a Harley, but a roadster should perhaps be a little offend purists, but it will expand the scope of the brand: the HD look with postions driving a bike the old continent, it makes you think .

2014 just to add a little extra braking level. Called “Foundation”, so it implies a lot of small improvements to the everyday as for emergency. A larger front disc from 292-300 mm, a caliper with larger pistons, a new master cylinder, all-aluminum and ABS as standard. The entire rear also has a bracket and a master cylinder again.
Do not forget to order new, improved electrical system, HD Smart with keyless start, a closed loop exhaust and a gear indicator.

This name Superlow is not trivial. This super-low 883 also tends his handlebars (and especially its padded car seat) to ‘not very big’ and ladies. Suspensions slide on an ultra short 108 mm front and 54 mm rear. Ideal to bring the seat to the ground … but certainly not great for comfort. A short race is far from ideal for a correct damping work. The kind of inconvenience we put aside vibrating alongside the twin 45 ° when snorted. His fifty nags is not intended to go tease young Japanese fighters. So take this latest version of the 883 for the priesthood of the character and look. And now a more instinctive behavior.

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