New electric Scooter BMW C Evolution

BMW Motorrad has unveiled its new electric scooter, the BMW C Evolution, with zero emissions electric motor.

New electric Scooter BMW C

New electric Scooter BMW C Bikes Pictures

BMW Group is in line with sustainability and its motorcycle division, BMW Motorrad has continued this line of electric mobility as in the cars with BMW i series.

New electric Scooter BMW C

New electric Scooter BMW C Bikes Photos

The new electric scooter BMW C Evolution features a liquid-cooled electric motor and high-voltage battery air cooled with a real and practical autonomy of 100 kilometers. The rated power of the BMW C Evolution is 11 kW (15 hp) and maximum power of 35 kW (47.5 hp).

The BMW C Evolution has a top speed of 120 km / h (limited electronically) and has a capacity of acceleration in some cases superior to other maxi scooter with a combustion engine of 600 cc and more.

The large capacity of 8 kWh of lithium-ion battery air cooled allows the BMW C Evolution can travel a distance of up to 100 miles before having to connect to a household outlet to recharge. Assuming that the battery is fully discharged, the charging time is approximately 4 hours when connected to a standard household power outlet of 220 V and 12 A (at 220 V / 16 A = 3 hours).

BMW C Evolution – Smart recovery and four driving modes

New electric Scooter BMW C

New electric Scooter BMW C Bikes Images

In the case of electric scooter BMW C Evolution, BMW Motorrad chose a form of energy recovery hitherto unseen in two-wheeled vehicles. The recovery takes effect automatically during deceleration and also when you activate the brake system.

The driver of a BMW C Evolution can choose between four driving modes to obtain the combination of dynamism and efficiency, that seems most appropriate. Triggering ‘Road’, provides the maximum acceleration capability, 50 percent of resilience when decelerating and 100 percent of the resilience braking.

If mode is activated “Eco Pro” limits the acceleration and therefore reduces the power consumption. In turn, the resilience is high.

In mode “Sail”, does not recover energy during deceleration phase as the C evolution appears to be planning freely without braking effect when the driver stops accelerating.

If the driver chooses a particularly dynamic driving style, you must activate the ‘Dynamic’ to have maximum acceleration and, simultaneously, a great resilience.

BMW C Evolution – Maximum Security

New electric Scooter BMW C

New electric Scooter BMW C Nice Bikes Pictures

During the development phase of the electric scooter BMW C Evolution, BMW Motorrad, being part of BMW Group, took advantage of synergy effects that occur within the company, the solutions already scheduled the BMW brand automobiles. Besides the use of accumulator modules, and various electronic components that are also used in the BMW i3, automotive standards were also applied in connection with the reliability of electronic components.

The BMW C Evolution is the first two-wheeled vehicle that meets the standards set out in ISO 26262 functional safety and security ECE-R100 high-voltage systems, applied by car manufacturers greater importance.

BMW chassis C Evolution has no conventional frame. The core is made up of die-cast aluminum frame that houses the battery, and that supports for steel pipe stem and to the swingarm swingarm and subframe structure steel pipe. The suspension and damping function is run on an inverted telescopic fork behind a strut mounted on the left side. Like all products of BMW Motorrad, BMW C Evolution also comes standard with ABS security system, disc brakes combined with high performance.

BMW C Evolution – Control of the drive wheel slippage by TCA (Torque Control Assist)

The new electric scooter BMW C Evolution system features torque control (TCA, Torque Assist Control), similar to the automatic control system stability used in the BMW brand motorcycles equipped with an internal combustion engine . The system limits the torque TCA depending on rear wheel slippage.

New electric Scooter BMW C

New electric Scooter BMW C Nice Bikes Photos

So that the driver can optimally control the drive torque of the maxi-scooters, the control electronics of the electric motor monitoring the rotational speed of the rear wheel. Rotates at a speed if the system considered implausible, the torque reduction occurs. TCA system assists the driver especially when starting, avoiding the rear wheel slippage on roadways low friction (for example, wet cobbles).

Furthermore, this wizard torque control also prevents the rear wheel skid if a high degree of energy recovery, thus creating a large drag torque, which can cause problems on smooth roads.

TFT Display large Daytime Running lights and LED

The BMW C Evolution confirms its innovative nature through additional functions. For example, includes an auxiliary gear drive backwards, so that the maxi-scooter is easy to maneuver at very low speed. Another novelty is that it has a daylight LEDs. That same light, although less intense, is used as a position light. For more comfort in cold winter days, the cuffs are heated.

New electric Scooter BMW C

New electric Scooter BMW C Nice Bikes Images

The color TFT display and large, installed in the dashboard, provides a wealth of information. The driver is informed not only speed but also get a number of interesting facts: average consumption expressed in kWh/100 km, total consumption, level of battery power in kWh, average speed, voltage network on board, high voltage power, remaining range in kilometers and depending on the driving mode enabled. A bar display showing the energy at all times, as well as energy recovery.

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