Motorcycle Test: Yamaha XT 1200Z Super Tenere

The War of 1200 raged close trails. Since last year, each brand comes with its own growing technology and arguments more or less relevant. Yamaha, with its experience and the image of his Super Ténéré on the slopes of the Dakar, had anticipated all this excitement with his new Super Ténéré XTZ 1200 launched in 2010.

Yamaha XT 1200Z

Yamaha XT 1200Z Bikes Pictures

Apart from BMW gave us the opportunity to test the R1200GS on tracks at the beginning of the year, there are few brands that we are trying in these difficult conditions. So Yamaha has taken the bull by the horns to demonstrate the full potential of its version SuperT World Crosser 2013: not only does it ride on the slopes but also on nearly 700 km in just two days!

Floor of the new Metzeler Karoo 3 for the occasion, the route was concocted by the travel agency responsible Hiking Trail bikes including all-terrain travels around the world for Yamaha Motor France that you ride in XTZ , XTR or WRF.

Yamaha XT 1200Z

Yamaha XT 1200Z Bikes Photos 

The Super Tenere 1200 Testing Tracks

Before taking off for the rolling Philippe boss Hiking Trail, briefs handle journalists for three days on the journey ahead. Indeed, the route was not only prepared to try SuperT 1200 World Crosser, but takes two steps of a TT trip that runs through northern Spain with a small detour to Portugal.

Called “At the crossroads of the Sierras,” loop 2700 kilometers lasts 10 days starting Ainhoa ​​in the French Basque country and guarantees a total change of scenery without having to go to the end of the world. We will only two Spanish steps in this journey, 8 and 9, Navaluenga Campillo De Ranas of 317 km for the first, then to Tuleda of 364 km for the second before sleeping under the desert Bardenas as we cross the third day to go.

The program for this route, about 20% of small roads and 80% of tracks: the fast tracks with bleeding from time to time, some fords, mountain paths a little less rolling with some large stones which cross the sub- wooden rolling in the shade, almost abandoned villages, some sand, a hint of mud, ruts and quite a few dust.

For the atmosphere “adventure” just follow the GPS track provided, handlebar-mounted and connected to the 12V socket on the dashboard of our SuperT. The World Crosser barrier for adventure with caliper rear brake pads, fork, transmission, frame and sidewalls carbon and an aluminum shoe well worth it with all the projections of large stones . Scattered some journalists have validated the strength of the protections on these two days we tried everything!

Yamaha XT 1200Z

Yamaha XT 1200Z Bikes Images

A SuperT by its Comfort and Ease

The Yamaha Super Ténéré 1200 World Crosser or not, is powered by a twin line stalled at 270 ° 106 horsepower with two modes Touring or Sport (the selected mode) that selects the right handlebar.

It is equipped with a shaft final drive (not articulated near the axis of the wheel), non-disconnectable ABS and traction control on 2 levels + off. A level is permissive enough to allow a few drift back on track but the traction control will eventually be disconnected for more freedom to the chagrin of the rear tire on the abrasive ground.

The ABS can not be and braking is coupled to the socket lever unless the pedal is activated first (as often TT) but this is ultimately not too bad on this course overall dry and without major difficulties.

Indeed, Hiking Trail offers golf accessible to anyone with a little experience, so these two steps. At worst, the tracks can be circumvented by road. The goal is to experience a change of scenery and to test the SuperT a mixed use, it will do so no.

In effect, the engine of the Super Ténéré is particularly dynamic beyond 5-6000 rev / min depending on the gear engaged. Below, it seems almost too tame for this engine, but eventually forgives many small errors and can run on a light throttle off-road.

Yamaha XT 1200Z

Yamaha XT 1200Z Nice Bikes Pictures

Good health gives wings to the large wheel tracks where the sound is regrettable, but two things are greatly appreciated. The first is that despite the number of kilometers every day and challenges the SuperT confirms its level of comfort found on the road.

The second is that its classic but set correctly for this use suspensions, and the weight distribution of the bike make m espite its 261 kg (with full tanks), it handles very well, absorbs big bumps in stride (front wheel 19 inches) and is positioned as desired in TT without effort just playing with his support.

Besides measuring 1m80, handlebars would probably deserved to be a little higher when you are standing, but the protection of the exhaust just press the calf is especially noted when we start back on the footrest.

For the rest, this XTZ 1200 World Crosser shows that it is capable of traveling without cause fatigue and make the adventure outdoor fans dream.

Yamaha XT 1200Z

Yamaha XT 1200Z Nice Bikes Photos

Balance Sheet

In the world of great trails 1200 boil for 2 years, the 1200 Yamaha Super Ténéré has not played the card technology excessively when he arrived in 2010. There are just a traction control on two levels that can be disconnected, non-disconnectable ABS, braking coupled or not as the handling of the brakes, and two engine maps to choose from. No adjustable suspension or semi active in sight, nothing but classic that finally works very well for this trip consists of 80% of tracks and rolling roads enough, when properly adjusted.

The particularly strong beyond 6000 engine rev / min very forgiving of small errors at low speeds on difficult terrain. Finally only the sound is not very pleasant. Yamaha offers Evolution Pack (€ 1,000) to address with Akrapovic silencer and a GPS (not the photos).

Our 1200 Super Ténéré World Crosser 2013 has a lot of protections that are not too (tested and validated by some colleagues) if you often venture off the bitumen as SuperT incites.

The World Crosser is displayed at 15,499 euros, or 500 more than the standard version, a rate comparable to the new KTM Adventure R 1190 which has slightly larger wheels.

Anyway, the team put together by the Trail Hike routes showed no major problems but still demanded a handy and agile machine on tracks, if only to absorb without fatigue steps more 300 km. In this exercise, it is clear that despite its 261 kg XTZ 1200 this has never been a constraint on the 681 km traveled.


–        Some ease on the slopes encountered

–        Braking convincing even on dry TT

–        The range of over 300 km


–        Protection supported on the left calf

–        The non-adjustable windshield without tools

–        The twin who walk up and sound

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