Motorcycle Test Honda MSX 125

UFO tumbles Honda with MSX 125 because if the brand has a strong reputation for reliability, it has not so much that of being funky … Yet Honda has distinguished itself in the past with models totally dedicated to leisure. Than that for which the names of Monkey or Dax mean nothing raises his finger!

Honda MSX 125

Honda MSX 125 Bikes Pictures

The first dates from 1961 and was the prototype for an amusement park to entertain the Japanese children. In 1963, the first CZ100 series was launched already at this time a 4-stroke engine of 49 cm 3 as all his descendants whose Monkey. Only Dax deviated from the rule engine with a 70 cm 3.

Since 2006, which marked the last stop in France, this kind of two-wheeler had disappeared from the landscape. Then in 2013, a year when Honda fired all wood, the Japanese brand launches MSX 125 with a larger capacity, but always with the same spirit.

Honda MSX 125

Honda MSX 125 Bikes Photos

That Small is Beautiful: A Demonstration Signed Honda

For once, the black color will not be available: roll MSX 125 claim must then have to choose between white, red and yellow to give a little color to the city’s bike is small, but not as much. his ancestors, far from it since it is 1.76 m long almost double some predecessors.

If the MSX is small, some elements are not and do not seem to belong to him. The contrast is striking example to the front with the dashboard exactly the same as the three CB500 (outside display of consumption that is absent), the levers of standard size, the headlight and turn signals so that ‘rear is fire and silencer that does not seem to be his.

The seat is a good size for an adult and even a second which in turn will benefit footrest on a conventional carrier and not the swing arm like some monkey. There is of course no practical aspect, one wonders how to carry the lock on this micro bike you could almost take it under his arm.

Gills tank where come to calibrate the knees particularly successful as the big fake axis under the seat. With a nice face drawing, the effect is guaranteed. Just stop for a few moments to convince the onlookers were quick to come and see this funny little thing, even our neighbors time to stop at a light challenge us.

For once nobody comes bashing a two-wheeler, it becomes rare. Honda did not pacify the world with his MSX 125, but almost!

Honda MSX 125

Honda MSX 125 Bikes Images

We Made ​​Friends and we Drive in a Relaxed

101.7 kg in running order, a saddle at 765 mm, 1.9 meter turning radius, a wheelbase of 1.20 m etc … MSX is also handy that is pokey. Nevertheless, the handlebars, it is not properly installed time to cross the city very well.

Sneaking is incredibly easy, slalom between the urban furniture too, not to mention his conduct that is without thinking. It always seems to be in the saddle on the MSX, we are at home in less time than it takes to write.

The drive end of the Innova is very simple: a 4-stroke 124.9 cm 3, single overhead cam head, 2 valves and air cooling. It develops only 9.8 horsepower and 10.9 Nm of torque, it is little but does not detract from the vitality of the craft. The pilot of a maxi-scooter 500 even tell me to fire “that sends your thing!”

Well as to send the boy said, do not hesitate to pick up the red zone and shift gears on the fly. This is the difference with the transmission of Innova 125 is automatic.

MSX dedicated to leisure is equipped with a mechanical clutch and a 4-speed and a whole thin chain that causes the wheel 12-inch floor of his big tire 130. Too bad if the box is close, but probably with a little more miles it will gain fluency.

The inverted fork and single non-adjustable damper prove enjoyable. In fact we do not expect it necessarily, but despite the small wheels and the little travel, comfort is the appointment to the extent reasonable in the technical specifications.

For braking, the front and rear are clearly not in the same boat. The front is powerful and easy to modulate for all stoppies if the mood takes you. The rear offers no feelings, no one knows whether or not it supports the small pedal to wheel lock. Damage. This will be the only disappointment riding this little machine, so we forgive him.

Honda MSX 125

Honda MSX 125 Nice Bikes Pictures

Balance Sheet

A long time ago that Honda had not launched a machine that gives all want to have fun on the handlebars! On paper, the engine end of the Innova 125 does not dream yet, nor the technical characteristics, even adding a gearbox for toy.

Placed on its stand, the capital of sympathy MSX 125 is amazing, and once started it is also surprisingly convincing. Not only does everyone ask us what it is that “something too cool”, but in addition we take a pleasure to explore the city freely.

Handy, quick and easy to take in hand, one is tempted to think that it is not very safe. Yet the small MSX never showed the opposite: not a fear, not a strange reaction, nothing. Apart from the rear brake unmanageable, nothing will impede the crossing of Paris in full swing during the test.

Honda MSX 125

Honda MSX 125 Nice Bikes Photos

It is true that two-wheeled scooter that is less convenient for the city, if only to carry a lock is not simple. But 3040 euros and an interview looming economic and predictable in terms of the reliability of Innova comes with the engine, you can enjoy a two-wheeled urban ultra cool no other brand can offer.

Although it is not entirely the heir to the Monkey or Dax, the handlebar is also not bend the MSX 125 has no competitor. And no other two wheels is also fun!

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