Like the “Automatic Transmission” Honda

Growing number of riders who like “Dual Clutch Transmission” so much so that the house will also launch on the European market CTX700, sequential gearbox with double clutch.

For riders like the “automatic transmission”. In accordance announced by Honda, since its introduction in May 2010 on the VFR1200F, the technology of dual-clutch sequential gearbox (Dual Clutch Transmission) has quickly gained popularity and spread, establishing itself at a greater number of motorcyclists around the world. Only in the Old Continent, there are almost thirteen thousand centaurs, who preferred this option to change their motion.


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Last year, so the Japanese company has introduced four new models in its range equipped with the Dual Clutch Transmission Rate, or on Integra (as standard), NC700X, NC700S and Crosstourer who went to make the company the evolution of the VFR1200F. And just to give a few examples the NC700X has seen a steady increase the percentage of the monthly sales of the DCT transmission version, from 10% in April last year to 44% in February 2013; maxienduro the Crosstourer, rose from the initial 25% of February 2012, to 70% last February. So in the wake of this growing success, the headquarters of Honda have decided to launch on the European market the new CTX700, equipped with dual-clutch sequential gearbox Dual Clutch Transmission, as standard equipment.

A bike that according to the brand of the wing will surely be appreciated by the centaurs our own, “presented last February in the United States at the International Motorcycle Show of Chicago, the new twin-cylinder is inspired by the concept of “Comfort Touring Experience” and will be presented to the Italian and European public at the next EICMA 2013 motorcycle show in Milan, in conjunction with the launch of several new models in the range 2014. The new CTX700 being equipped with a 670cc parallel twin engine, capable of an output of 35 kW and therefore fully in line with the new regulations on the A2 license.

Characterized by riding only 720 mm from the ground and the low center of gravity thanks to the engine with cylinder bank inclined forward 62 °, the CTX700 is inspired by the style of the best bass lines and elongated Honda cruiser but with a great fuel efficiency combined with easy handling and maneuverability of relief. ” The convenient location of advanced platforms, the possibility of adopting a half-fairing with wide windshield and the “automatic transmission”, make it an attractive alternative to the latest trend of maxi-scooters. It remains to determine the price at which it will be offered in our market (the United States has proposed to $ 7,799).

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