Last Race of The Monster Race on August 30 Vigeant

New Bikese Pictures

New Bikese Pictures

 The season of the Monster Race will end August 30 to September 1 of the Circuit Vigeant in the department of Vienne.

For those who do not know, the Monster Race is a race organized by the Association Artkore Race Club (ARC) under the aegis of the FFM. It has 4 events: 2 to Pau-Arnos (a test of speed and endurance test), a race of acceleration on the circuit Pechereau and finally one last sprint just close the season on the circuit Vigeant.

In tribute to Antoine Collignon season Monster Race will end at Vigeant. There will be a year on September 3 that the founder of Street Monsters was killed on the same circuit . But to continue the work of their leader, friends and colleagues have decided to extend the Monster Race in 2013. Before the last race of the season, here’s everything that happened during the previous three tests:

In 2013, the return of the Monsters Race was done on the circuit of Pau Arnos. 29 drivers were registered for the first race of the season. Unfortunately, it is under heavy uninterrupted water Saturday and Sunday they had to compete in two tests of speed and endurance.

These brave 29 have also had to ride without rain tires because it is the will of the settlement of the Monster Race.

At the end of the first round of the 2014 season, this is Chris LMC and CBR “Lightweight”, which took the lead in the race before falling in the second round. Red Flag, new start. This time, it’s Thibault Larruat taking orders and won the race, ahead Cube on his Hayabusa and Joe on his R1.

Toughness as drivers had to face the torrential rain that hit the circuit of Pau-Arnos. They went for a 2-hour endurance relay American. (Ie with two bikes per team).

This is the duo and Joe Mathieu Nové completing 2 hours before the winners Rémi Briere and Christo. Grandpa Fred and Black Cat team completed the podium.

Round 3: The Pechereau

As they say, after the rain comes sunshine. The third race of the season Monster Race, a race runs 200 meters, took place under a blazing sun. This race was also part of the France Championship Drag.

Cube, who finished second in the first round, started favorite on the circuit Pechereau. But in the final, when nobody expected, Fox, a Bordeaux pilot took control of the race and literally crush his opponents.

The bad start in the final of Nimon has also made ​​the business of Bordeaux that had stalled when he left for the final qualifications.

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