KTM Duke III The Beautiful,Good And Big

Emblematic figure of the Austrian brand , the legendary Duke, initiator of the Supermotard mode, gently Began dating. The appearance of the block injection LC4 Could only give her offspring. 

This is done from Paris , and KTM We were not disappointed  all mind if the Duke staff is here captured and magnified . The line is superb , very very inimitable KTM Duke .

KTM Duke III The Beautiful,Good And Big

KTM Duke III Bikes Pictures

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The frame is Constructed of tubular mesh chrome molybdenum thin- walled tubes with a maximum torsional strength despite a lightweight of just over 9 kg.

The lightweight building resulted in a 690 Duke with a weight Ready to Race  (in running order without fuel) 148 kg , All which portends a famous driving pleasure! Suspensions use the best suppliers with the forehead 48mm fully adjustable upsidedown fork and a WP rear shock with integrated cylinder .

The displacements Were Adapted to the requirements of the bitumen : 140 mm Front and rear . Were the brakes from Brembo , with at the front has fixed caliper 320mm floating disk Associated with a 4 – piston radial screw .

The rear wheel is equipped with a floating piston caliper and a 240mm brake disc .
Duke 2008 vintage apart from icts ancestors by the provision of icts silent under the bike . This principle has many advantages: first, the optimal use of power , and an ideal location for the center of gravity of the bike ,

KTM Duke III The Beautiful,Good And Big

KTM Duke III Bikes Photos

Then a level minimized thanks to the large volume muffler noise , and finally respect the EURO III standard on exhaust gas through the catalyst control.
Lower seat , board instrumentation lightweight , compact fork head with two halogen mini aussi bunk are in the game .
The soul of the new 690 Duke is icts ultramodern LC4 654 cc engine , the current reference in the category of single cylinder 4T.

KTM Duke III The Beautiful,Good And Big

KTM Duke III Bikes Images

This engine is a technology Developed a lightweight , compact design and very importantly , an exceptional power of 65 hp (48 kW) . The LC4 engine is powered by electronic injection, with a butterfly section of 46 mm , automatic cold start and idle a controlled setting of regulation by lambda probe and altitude compensation.
The so- called Expired EPT (Electronic Power Throttle ) Provides a very homogenous power developed as throttle position and throttle via the handle are you electronically controlled .

Coupling antidribbling APTC Prevent grazing falling on the rear wheel braking . Under load , the system Increases the pressure on the clutch linings , Malthus Reducing the hardness of the clutch springs and therefore the strength actuating to the wrist to the hydraulic clutch relative to conventional systems.

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