KTM 200 DUKE 2013

Ah … If I had some a little more. Here the kind of reflection which one is posed in many conditions. And it mini KTM 200 DUKE said about the same thing.

In 125, small Katoche knows already covetousness, but its 15 horses can be right under certain conditions. A little more cubic capacity but a frame and an identical preparing, here the version KTM 200 DUKE Cm3. A total imitation that only the small sticker indicating the cubic capacity will enable you to distinguish. The problem for the market general public: need for having the motorbike licence to lead it. The advantage: 10 horses moreover, which makes it possible one-cylinder to display 26 she-asses proudly. A value identical at some 2 and half Japanese women, such Honda CBR 250 R or Suzuki 250 Inazuma.


KTM 200 DUKE Bikes Pictures

Race and boring are increased in order to go up by 124.7 to 199.5 Cm3. KTM 200 DUKE the majority of the internal moving parts are re-examined consequently: rod, camshafts, piston, valve; and let us not forget the essential modifications brought to the cylinder, with limps with air, the injection and the exhaust. Around the engine and under the plastics, essence remains: tally lattice, suspensions WP, braking Brembo, etc…


KTM 200 DUKE Bikes Photos

By inflating the engine without touching with the rest of the machine, KTM 200 DUKE plays gaining on many plans: more power, limited development costs, a rise of rate contained (400 euros), and the image of the 125 Duke who hustled his small world. Although the KTM 200 DUKE is 10 kilos heavier than the 125, one finds all the equipment to have fun. And KTM 200 DUKE very vindicatory design rejoins many votes.

KTM 200 DUKE only true concern, as for its competitors, is the disaffection of the French public for this range of cubic capacity. In the hexagon, if you make between 126 and 599 Cm3, not of hello. The current context is however increasingly favourable with the machines accessible, fun, not too greedy and light. But will explain the reason with a motorcyclist who by definition carburizes only with passion.


KTM 200 DUKE Bikes Images

KTM 200 DUKE Specs

Tally: lattice out of tubes to acierReservoir: 10.5 litresHautor of saddle: 810 mmEmpattement: 1361 dry mmPoids: 125 kg

Nose gear:
Reversed telehydraulic fork WP Ø 43 mm, deb.: 150 mm1 disc Ø 280 mm, radial clamp 4 pistonsRoue AV: 110/70 – 17”

Limp to 6 secondary rapportsTransmission by chain

Rear wheel-axle unit:
Mono-shock absorber WP, deb.: 150 mm1 disc Ø 230 mm, clamp 1 pistonRoue AR: 150/60 – 17”

One-cylinder online, 4 tempsRefroidissement: Cooling liquideInjection Ø nc2 ACT4 soupapes199.5 DC (72 X 49 mm) 26 ch with 10000 tr/min2.04 mkg with 6800 tr/minMoto bridable with 34ch for licence A MTT1Moto bridable with 48ch for the A2 licence

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