KTM 125 SX 2014

That made several years that the 125 SX was established for the young people like the motorcycle queen and the springboard towards a professional career. Propelled by a two-stroke engine high efficiencies with control by exhaust valve and box 6 speeds, the 125 SX year model 2014 still was improved and will attract each other thus always the sympathy of the young champions.

KTM 125 SX

KTM 125 SX Bikes Pictures


The modern design of the framework of models SX out of high-strength light shaped steel Chrome-molybdenum tubes combines a maximum longitudinal rigidity and an optimal rigidity against torsion. That offers a good behavior of handling and a precise direction, but also an excellent stability of control.


KTM 125 SX

KTM 125 SX Bikes Photos

The oscillating cast aluminium arm was designed using a simulation and computation software to the forefront of technology; the design and the thickness of the walls ensure a minimum weight for an optimal robustness and a perfectly definite flex. For the year model 2014, the engineers improved the chain-guide and its points of fixing on the oscillating arm for a better reliability and a reduced weight.


As well the shock absorber postpones as the reversed fork 48 mm of WP Suspension guarantee an optimal behavior for damping and the reactivity. Over the year model 2014, the telescopic fork shines by an optimized adjustment and greater reserves against the shocks. The relaxation and the compression of the fork can quickly be adjusted with the needs for the pilot and the track. The back shock absorber allows also an adjustment High-Speed and Low-Speed of damping in compression.


T-pieces of forks of top quality milled CNC are since years of series at KTM. They ensure a handiness specifies and clearly underline the characteristics of inflection and thus the reactivity of the telescopic fork.


The engine of the 125 SX 2014 was improved by a new eduction valve box Boyesen-Performance to offer a better reactivity. The adjustment of the carburettor was adapted and the micrography of the pistons optimized for a greater robustness.


KTM 125 SX

KTM 125 SX Bikes Images

On the level as of wheels, of the light hubs machined by CNC as well as rims Excel high-end and covered rays of black to the light aluminium nuts a minimal weight for a maximum stability guarantees. The tires Pirelli Scorpion MX Mid Software 32 shine by a perfect adherence and excellent performances.


The brakes Brembo high technology are for a long time of series on cross-country motorcycles KTM with brakes light Wave disc for optimal performances of braking. For the year model 2014, one notes a new casserole of brake with a new reserve of compensation, a diameter of lower piston, and a new lever with optimized kinematics. Thanks to that and with the optimized brake pads, the performances and the dosability of the front brake still were clearly improved.


The objective was to create a more ergonomic and more functional careenage, so that the whole of the motorcycle in its least details is in perfect harmony with the pilot. The castings out of plastic of the front mudguard are a model of solidity thanks to their sophisticated structure and their fixing.


The perfectly ergonomic saddle of the year model 2014 contains an improved foam core which ensures a better comfort and a greater robustness.


The design of the box with air guarantees an optimal protection of the air filter against dirtinesses, and a flow of maximum air for increased performances. The change of the air filter Twin Air in only a few seconds and without tools is for a long time already of series at KTM.


All the models of range SX are equipped with a new tank of 7.5 liters out of light polyethylene; it was modified on the level of the internal screw thread of the lid and the lid in itself, which is closed more easily and with a great reliability. The motocrosses four-stroke are equipped with the same system of petrol pump as the models enduro four-stroke, which allows the installation in option of larger tanks available in the PowerParts catalogue or on the models enduro.


All models SX are equipped with a conical handlebar Renthal Fatbar 827 super robust, whose form was adapted to the requirements of the motocross. Tested system KTM makes it possible to fix the handlebar in four positions at the choice. In 2014, a large Crash landing Pad Renthal black/silver plated ensures the pilot an additional protection against the shocks.


A new graphic design refined with clear lines underlines the requirement without compromise of this modern cross-country motorcycle.

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