Kawasaki Z750 The bestseller persists and signs

Little green men had taken the competition against the foot with the Z750. Serious stir with friendly roadster with an engine, a real one.

Kawasaki Z750 The bestseller persists and signs

Kawasaki Z750 The Bikes Pictures

Kawasaki was smart enough not to be confined to predetermined displacement and responded to outsiders with its 150cc more, 150cc which made all the difference.

It is no secret that the 600 for fun they can be at high speed, show a cruel soft mid-range. And squeeze the handle per kilometer is not sustainable for long! The Z750 brought a new well and well appreciated for the category box, without losing the aggressiveness exploding at half speed. Result: a great commercial success for Kawasaki.
You do not change a winning team
Nothing is ever Yamaha FZ6 has revised its Honda has introduced a new Hornet, Suzuki took the field with SV Bandit (also reviewed) and GSR. Kawasaki could not rest on its laurels and reviewed a copy, offering us for this year Z750 quite rethought.

Kawasaki Z750 The bestseller persists and signs

Kawasaki Z750 Bikes Photos

The framework does not sacrifice the stranglehold of aluminum and keeps the steel, nevertheless solid aluminum side reinforcements, thought to increase the rigidity of the assembly.

The wheelbase took the opportunity to lengthen 15mm earnings stability. Inverted fork appears in stride, wealthy unavoidable “petal” discs now adorn almost all models of the brand. Let’s use it to report the availability of abs option, which was not the case on our test bike.

The petal discs provide many benefits according to the manufacturer: less sprung weight, better cooling and more bite.

Rethought in the details
The engine modifications were solely designed to optimize its features. Qualities that will be exacerbated by a new profile cams, inlet and reduced exhaust mass crankshaft increased.

These improvements are complemented by a new lighter radiator and a new oil pump with improved performance. The engine mounts integrated with lateral reinforcements slide the bolt to the rear cylinder in favor of a reduction in vibration. If the six box is conserved, the command is refined, with a switch mounted on bearings.

The exhaust is inspired by “blunderbusses” mounted on the Z1000. It has the merit of originality, of course, but can not really convince us aesthetically …

True to the spirit

From this point of view, the Z750 is hardly away guns imposed by his predecessor, and filiation is obvious, obvious.

The features are accentuated, modernized with strong stylistic elements, like the famous aluminum side reinforcements, covering like a claw along the sides of the engine. The radiator scoops, very Kawasaki, somewhat reminiscent of the ER-6, the entire dashboard optical block is, like all saddle tank.

Result a more current style aggression more present, more marked, without denying the former, she remains close in spirit.

Kawasaki Z750 The bestseller persists and signs

Kawasaki Z750 Bikes Images

Like any self-respecting Japanese, the Z750 is easily tamed, as everything seems obvious to the handlebars  position, commands, nothing disturbs the grip, except perhaps a turning radius disappointing, or a tank that we seems a bit too wide at the knees.


Quickly we taste the pleasure of this well-filled motor.

While less powerful than a 1000, he approaches with his approval. Flexible as all four cylinders, one feels resume from low revs expressing an absent extends its competitors, merely 600cc. Bright, powerful, 750cc lives comfortably in the deadly beaches for 600, between 4,000 and 8,000 rev / min for example.

What pleasure, especially as it continues to push with force to the edge of the red zone! Need to knit selector (smooth and precise incidentally) or run at unreasonable speeds to enjoy the bike! We also like the engine brake, also a little more present than on the 600.


Road qualities do not disappoint, the Z750 offers a good level of comfort, probably at the cost of a rear suspension damping too soft hair. Nothing disturbing, but a little flutter on gradient during attacks a little excited.

In this case the coating, it is sufficient to use the brakes. The bite is correct, the strong downturn, even in the back too, which tends to block easily. The good feeling the controls allows precise dosage.

We did not have ABS, this is not a reason to deprive you of this valuable assistance available now at a price of  500, bringing the price as well equipped to € 7,690 ( 7,190 for free ABS Version) .

Kawasaki Z750 The bestseller persists and signs

Kawasaki Z750 Nice Bikes Pictures

Be wise

All the charm and appeal of the Z750 reside in additional 150cc that transfigure this kind of bike.

Fun meets present in every moment. Where the 600 can only be assessed in high revs, so at the cost of driving say “edgy” so extreme, faster, so too fast, always, was that vis-à-vis the constabulary.

The Z750, more fulfilled, does not require the handle to spin forward, approval is immediate. And if you want to annoy you, no worries, the Z rise in the towers with as much fun as you.

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