Kawasaki Z250

In late January 2013, the manufacturer Kawasaki launched a new bike, the Kawasaki Z250. Premiere of the motor even this is done in Indonesia.

Apparently Keceakaan experienced motorcycle Hartono actually makes motor sport Kawasaki Z250 2013 his output now appear very elegant and sporty increases. This happens when Hartono had an accident while riding a sportbike that he had just bought it

Kawasaki Z250 is available with a choice of 3 colors, namely black, red, and white. In addition, these motors are manufactured with the size dimensions of length 2,010 mm, width 750 mm, height 1,025 mm, and a motor with the lowest distance is 145 mm soil. Iron horse has a weight of 168 kg with a fuel storage tank capacity by 17 liters.

Kawasaki Z250, bike made by Japanese manufacturer is equipped with engine capacity of 249 cc type 4 stroke, 8 valve, DOHC, liquid-cooled inline 2. With such mixing is expected this machine can generate power of 32 PS at 11000 rpm while the maximum torque is 21.0 Nm at 10000 rpm. In a test session, the motor is able to accelerate from 0-60 km / h in just 3.1 seconds.

Kawasaki Z250

Kawasaki Z250

Following the stream, then made a tubular pipe style naked bike to lift it on the left and right made​​. However, the design of tubular contrived to latch parts cylinder engine. “At the same time retaining the engine and body,” continued the man who is often called Billy’s.

Followed legs, full copotan Kawasaki ZX6. Having observed and studied, the front tomorrow so turned upside down telescopic models. Moderate wear rear swing arm rear ZX6 front rim plus innate ZX6 with a process of about 3 weeks.

Let me look more cool Z250, double mounted projector headlamp, fuel tank and exhaust Dikondom Ixil brand freeflow silencers. Felt comfortable riding position with the handlebars steering has ZX6.

While the legs using Kawasaki ZX6. Part front tomorrow turned into a upside down telescopic models. While the rear uses a swing AEM ZX6, and the combined front and back rim belongs ZX6. Process takes about 3 weeks.

In order to look more attractive Kawasaki Z250, also installed double projector headlamp, covered with fiberglass fuel tanks and exhaust Ixil brand freeflow silencers. Part owned ZX6 steering handlebars carries so feels comfortable driving position.

Kawasaki Z250

Kawasaki Z250

                                  DATA MODIFICATION:

  • Rim DPN-blkg: Kawasaki ZX6 original
  • DPN-blkg Tires: Bridgestone Battlax, 120 / 60-17 and 180 / 60-17
  • Sok DPN-blkg: Kawasaki ZX6 original
  • Swing arm: ZX6
  • Tubular pipe: custom JAC
  • Condoms tank: custom JAC
  • Headlamp: double projector
  • Handlebars: ZX6
  • Exhaust: Silencer Ixil
  • Jail Custom Auto (JAC): 0821-35353590
  • Estimated funding: USD 10 million (Rp 50 million)



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