Kawasaki Z1000 The Ultimate Supernaked

With its futuristic style, beautiful agility and powerful engine, the new Z1000 forces its way into the niche of large roadsters.Kawasaki-Z1000-The-Ultimate-Supernaked

In version 2014, the Kawasaki Z1000 is certainly a new motorcycle . More powerful (142 hp ) , fed her extra torque at low and medium speeds , more stable and agile thanks to a redesign of the chassis and the adoption of new suspensions. The finishes are impeccable in all respects .

It is also equipped with an unparalleled braking provided by monobloc calipers . Coupled with ABS, this system does not require the pilot, that the action of a finger to be obeyed . And for the good mouth, Kawasaki is still hitched to touch the airbox . The trunk of the beast now spits an intoxicating sound more guttural . The new Z1000 is ready to pounce .

Philosophy SugomiKawasaki-Z1000-The-Ultimate-Supernaked.

To be convinced , nothing like deserted , the perfect coating and especially to wish Andalusian winding roads. A throttle opening , the four -cylinder Z1000 hard drives and gives the effect of a high-performance turbine .

The improvements made to the chassis, which led to a refocusing of the masses, now give a feline agility to Miss Z! and all without electronic assistance as a standard traction makes this kind of motorcycles. A return to the sources of raw and brutal pleasure.

Then last novelty and not least, there is the avant-garde design, that will leave a notice to each of the trenches. The style is called Sugomi and had been initiated with the last Z800 . Kawasaki-Z1000-The-Ultimate-Supernaked,Futuristic, it exceeds anything, that has been done to date on what is commonly called a Manga design. It is a philosophical concept speaking of strength and agility , taking for example a predator, a black panther case, ready to pounce on its prey. A mix of sharp lines and elegance. Beau marketing program in all cases.

A nice shot primarily serving to highlight the qualities of innovation and performance that have made the reputation of “green” for forty years, that the product Z exists.

The first big roadster time was called Kawa 900 ( Z1) . Stronger still , communication via the thumbnails Kawasaki. A promotional clip curling politically incorrect encourages the savage attack , in which he speaks of ” Call of the Wild .” Yet? In this marketing plan , Kawasaki sees becoming pioneer and initiator of the class ” supernaked .” And even if competition in this niche is raging, the new Z1000 already has the power of persuasion .

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