Kawasaki won the 77th Bol

The 77th Bol d’Or rushes (15 hours) to Nevers – Magny-Cours. The race is broadcast live video on the official account Dailymotion Bol d’Or. 15 hours . Kawasaki won the 77th Bol d’Or !

Kawasaki # 11 completed 808 laps, ahead of Yamaha No. 7 ( 799 laps) , and Suzuki # 1. Yamaha 94 finishes in 4th Place ( 793 laps) . Both crews are aussi nivernais arrival . 3D Endurance finishes 24th General 737 period and Burgundy Motorcycle Racing 30th with 719 period . 14 hours .

Kawasaki won the 77th Bol

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Unless disaster , Held at a time of arrival , the podium of the Bol d’Or. Kawasaki 11 leading nine period ahead of the Yamaha No. 7, and twelve on the Suzuki # 1. The Yamaha 94 is a turn behind the Suzuki purpose Will it still be very hard to catch a ride in one hour . In Nivernais 3D Endurance is 24th overall and 13th in Superstock always. Burgundy Moto Racing Team is 30th . May still be there purpose dropping . 13 hours .

Two hours of arrival , the 11 Kawasaki still Maintains a wide lead in the race. Nine period behind the Yamaha # 7 has three period ahead of the Suzuki # 1. Yamaha No. 94 remains in ambush in 4th place one lap behind the Suzuki. 3D Endurance is 24th overall. BMRT is the 30th . 12:00 .

At three hours of arrival , the Kawasaki # 11 file to victory with 11 periods ahead of the Yamaha # 7, 10 period . In third place the Suzuki # 1, 13 rpm ​​, Followed by Yamaha 94 14 period . 3D Endurance is Currently 25th in the general and 13 in Superstock , while Burgundy Moto Racing Team is 30th . 11:00 AM.

At oven hours of arrival , the Kawasaki # 11 is in the lead with ten Yamaha period ahead is No. 7 . Follows the Suzuki 1 , three laps, ahead of the Yamaha 94, thirty seconds behind . Both teams are still there nivernais : 3D 25th and 31st BMRT . 10 h 37 .

Kawasaki won the 77th Bol

Kawasaki Bikes Photos

lot of activity falling on the last half hour . Yamaha 94 had to stop for a quarter of an hour to stand around 10 hours due to a problem with the ignition sensor . Meanwhile , the # 1 Suzuki has taken 3rd instead. The safety car was out Effective in fall .

Yamaha and Suzuki 94 number 1 on the same level . Note falls falling on the safety car , with a clash Between the No. 17 and 211. Also Salchdu fall for Nicolas (3D Endurance ) falling on the safety car . , 10 to 10 h . The safety car returned to the paddock to 10 h 24. Given the # 1 leading Kawasaki to victory with 11 periods ahead . 9:06 . After the night is always very tight head . Kawasaki # 11 ahead of a round the Yamaha 94.

Yamaha Effective Yart No. 7 , 11 turn , and Suzuki # 1 14 period . Honda 77, falling on the evening time , is now far in 18th place overall . nivernaises The two stable 3D Endurance and BMRT , They are still in the race. 3D Endurance and 28th ( 11th in Superstock ) and Burgundy Moto Racing Team is 34th . A more comprehensive update on the place of the race That night to come . 11:45 p.m. . Effective 3D Endurance departed about twenty minutes to stand , aim having lost ten rounds.

Kawasaki won the 77th Bol

Kawasaki Bikes Images

They are 42nd . 10:50 p.m. . 3D Motorcycle Endurance returned to the pits Effective lights off a fall, while Nicolas Salchaud Was the handlebars . 10:30 p.m. . Rain made ​​a brief appearance at Magny -Cours. Side classification, the Yamaha Yart , No. 7, on the podium in front of the Honda 77. In Nivernais , 3D is the 29th and the 34th BRMT . 9:33 p.m. . Kawasaki # 11 now has lap ahead of the Yamaha 94. The Honda 77 is trpois period behind the leader. No particular race made ​​since the abandonment of the No. 99 BMW . The side of the Nivernais , 3D Endurance 32nd , and 36th is BMRT . 20 h 35 . The Continued standoff at the head of the race, with the # 11 Kawasaki three seconds ahead of the Yamaha 94. Muggridge Carl , Who Was riding the BMW No. 99, dropped to 20 and 28 h Brought His Machine stroller . Honda # 77 Took third place .

In nivernais BMRT is 35th and 36th 3D Endurance . BMW No. 99 spring stands at 8:47 p.m. , Effective falling to 17th place with Sebastien Gimbert the handlebars . After a turn, the BMW returns to the stand. 20 h 07. Yamaha Moved back into second position , passing Effective refueling . Third , BMW No. 99, a lap behind the two bikes head .

In Nivernais 3D Endurance 37th and 35th BMRT . 19 h 53. After a fall, the safety car was feeling while the Yamaha was 94 seconds behind the No. 11 Kawasaki , leading from the twentieth minute race. Which put the two machine at the same level . The safety car Remained up to 19 h 50, has All which enabled Yamaha to take the lead for the first time . 19 h 27 : 3D Endurance continuous to rise .

The Nivernais team is 34th overall and 18th in Superstock . They outnumber other nivernais of BMRT two places. At 19 h 11. Vincent Philippe, have you had taken over the handlebars of the Suzuki number 1 partner after the fall of Anthony Delhalle , fell in turn to 6:47 pm . Safety car .

Kawasaki won the 77th Bol

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The bike was 11th . Vincent Philippe has Reduced the number 1 Suzuki in the pits at 6:57 pm . She left handlebar with Julien da Costa, twelve minutes later . If we can not Consider Abebooks web can win the gold Effective five hours of racing Bowl, However, can be lost . What Seems to be the case for Suzuki.

Topping, Kawasaki 11 , 17 seconds ahead of Yamaha No. 94 and No. 99 BMW. Side Nivernais is BMRT the 35th , 37th and 3D . Behind the wheel of the # 1 Suzuki, Anthony Delhalle 3:20 Effective dropped race. This has resulted in a shift in the stands more than six minutes. 3rd before the fall , the bike is found 14. 2:50 After the race, the # 11 Kawasaki still leads , Having gone 93 rounds before the Suzuki # 1, a tower, Followed by Yamaha 94 aussi a tower , and the BMW No. 99, a round. Suzuki, Effective takes a bad choice was down to 5th spot .

The 40th of Nivernais BMRT are eleven rounds, and make Their race, no problem . Providing regular relay . 3D endurance, Have you lost ten period early in the race due to engine Overheating is the 44th , Continuing icts slow recovery . Departure video (images Lionel Brügger ) :

After a 1:20 race, the No. 11 Kawasaki lead with 47 period before the # 99 BMW, Yamaha and Suzuki 94 No. 1 (46 periods each) . ‘ s side of Nivernais , Burgundy Moto Racing is 33rd ranking to 5 turns . 3D Endurance is ranked lowest . The bike Had to make a quick turn to the pits due to Overheating engine .

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