Kawasaki Ninja Overtaken By An Audi RS6 Launched At 300 KM

Two thrill-seekers raced more than 300 km / h Between Augsburg and Munich.Kawasaki-Ninja-Overtaken-By-An-Audi-RS6-Launched-At-300-KM

Here’s a scene as only portions of German motorways are not subject to speed limits can offer . Of the 50 miles Between the cities of Augsburg and Munich , two racers will improvise a race between their cars – a Kawasaki Ninja ZX -10R and an Audi RS6 ABT.

Result the distance has-been folded in just a quarter of an hour at an average speed of 215 km / h , and with top speeds of over 300 km/h .

Dual big guns

From the Beginning of the video , shot by the owner of Empowered two- wheeler , the sensation of speed is striking . Kawasaki Produced a deafening noise while the landscape and other vehicles parade Nearly 300 km / h , as Indicated by the meter .

Aim the pilot is soon forced to fall back on the right lane to let the missile Audi Launched Seems well beyond the 300 hour . The German, with a V10 TFSI engine 580 hp at 6,250 Developing revolutions / minute , Then takes a considerable advance in the space of Just a few seconds .

Kawasaki-Ninja-Overtaken-By-An-Audi-RS6-Launched-At-300-KM.A wild ride That Could end badly

However , the battle between the two vehicles do not stop there. While Audi RS6 plays the ushers on the left lane, Kawasaki remains in wake icts , and Eventually odd catch up to the favor of a little more traffic.

This Gives us the opportunity to see That the brake pads of the two vehicles are still in perfect condition , speed of falling Nearly 100 km / h in about ten seconds . Once the road is clear , Then the bike takes a distinct advantage over the car .

And altho Both drivers in this video has over 2 million views on Youtube sccm to control Their vehicles to perfection, this kind of wild race remains very dangerous . In 2012, motorist have you witnessed a challenge Between Two Lamborghini on the highway has filmed an accident more impressive .

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