Kawasaki Ninja H2R


The Kawasaki revealed his surprise to the market for motorcycles is the Ninja H2R with 300 horsepower! The model was presented to the public in the Hall of Cologne , in Germany , at the end of September.

For now, the model is a prototype of what will be a true Ninja H2, but already has to have a good idea who the model is quite different from the style of the “Ninjas” that Kawasaki has released in the past. Details such as the exhaust, tires, glass tilted backwards and the bold design showed that Kawasaki is radically changing the style of the Ninja model. The final model of Ninja H2 will be released only at the end of 2015 in Italy, the Milan Salon and will be a model for the streets, because the company wants to conquer the consumer facing urban centers.

The new Ninja has 998 cc engine 4 cl and to ensure more power, has supercharger technology that can get the most from the engine, ensuring handily power of 300 hp.
Today in the market, the sports bike with more power, is close to 200cv power thus Ninja H2R the bike will be higher power.

Kawasaki Ninja H2R

Kawasaki Ninja H2R

With so much power is normal that everyone is curious as to the final velocity that reaches Ninja H2R, but this information Kawasaki chose to keep secret, but gave a hint to inform you that the chassis used in the model has been produced to ensure optimal performance in high rate, providing more stability than the models that are available today in the market and the key to this are the wheelbase compact, truss, steel high voltage format, which give us an idea of ​​what the final speed will be much higher to competitors.

Although power is one of the strengths of the new Ninja, which draws the most attention is, undoubtedly, its design with carbon fiber fairings with small wings that ensure a much better aerodynamics, ensuring more stability, especially in road.

The H2R is a technology demonstrator Kawasaki Heavy Industries capacity as l to 100% Kawasaki motorcycle technology used . And the carbon fiber reinforced plastic of their wings, and CFRP volumetric compressor are KHI, its aerospace division.

The engine is a four-cylinder Ninja H2R cross -998 line cc, LC, 16V DOHC IE- where most development is equipping a volumetric compressor located behind the cylinders. Thanks to it a 998 cc engine can deliver only 300 hp.

The surprising chassis chassis , a new perimeter steel pipe and tube , wherein the motor is resistant part, new to Kawasaki. It has been designed for maximum stiffness, lateral stability and flexibility at the same time.

The massive new single-sided swing-arm is attached to the crankcase and chassis, a new technical solution to Akashi. Also mounted inverted forks Showa BPF multi-adjustable, mono-shock with progressive rods, M50 front calipers Brembo radial-mount, and huge 320mm discs, assisted by KIBS smart combined with ABS braking.

At just technical features, the Japanese brand hit hard since the Ninja H2R, a real war machine 998 cm3, is equipped with an inline 4-cylinder liquid-cooled compressor can develop an impressive output of 300 hp . The Japanese manufacturer justifies this choice as follows: ” Even if a large displacement engine can easily provide high power, the choice turned to a compact engine, in order to maintain an overall package picked up and light.”

Kawasaki Ninja H2R

Kawasaki Ninja H2R

Finally, Kawasaki said that this version H2R Ninja is a model for use on closed circuit and it can not be “ride” on the public highway. To find the standard version (which should still turn around 220 hp or 230 hp), it will be the Milan Furniture Fair in the month of November.

In an effort to realize the H2 into a cafe racer Ninja, fairing parts removed so that H2 looks naked. Trellis section is not removed in order to give the impression of a stout old motor.

The seats back up to the front tank was renewed design. This was deliberately done to pursue the concept of a cafe racer.

On the lighting, made ​​the turn in the form of headlights with round design like a retro bike lights and auxiliary lights beside him.

Improve the appearance, mounted carbon fiber, blue painted bars, exhaust trimmed, blue list on the wheels.

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