Kawasaki ER-6 N & F When Wisdom Is Not Synonymous With Boredom

The same goes for bikes like the rest: some are needed as evidence, and the Kawasaki ER-6 is one of them! Born in 2005, the “small” Kawasaki time immediately enjoyed success, thanks to a successful particularly look and Unprecedented in this category goal  Because of real qualities! Magazine in 2009, she returns this year with a major overhaul. If the spirit and style are preserved, They revolve around a new frame and engine was reworked to make it available in the midrange .

Kawasaki ER-6

Kawasaki ER-6 Bikes Pictures

From the first model , Kawasaki has Focused on compactness , making the choice of a twin autorisée All which the use of a thin and light frame . The new perimeter frame with double tubes very apparent visually away from the previous model , central and Its share is now girder type All which further  refines the whole .

Kawasaki ER-6

Kawasaki ER-6 Bikes Photos

The short and compact frame is complemented by a redesigned swing arm and takes him as the principle of double pipe , It takes the right curvature All which emphasizes the integration of the exhaust . Fundamentals remain as the damper mounted laterally , one of the visual signatures of the ER-6 .More Comfort:First benefit of this redesign , the saddle That thickens and thins the bike , put your feet allowing well flat on the floor . Also to Improve the comfort , the handlebar (20 mm WIDER) , the seat holder and flat footrest piece Free driver / passenger are mounted on silent- blocks to filter vibrations.

The suspensions are reviewed : Rear shock gains 2 mm of travel , while the fork extends 15 mm and 5 mm deflection , the springs are more flexible and damping laws are reviewed .

More Torque: Motor side , Kawasaki hasicts revised copy with the aim of Strengthening the torque at low and medium engine speeds , just to make small Kawette more enjoyable and usable in everyday life .

Kawasaki ER-6

Kawasaki ER-6 Bikes Images

Are reviewed and admission with a new air box with filter paper , injection and exhaust earning capacity while Remaining under the engine. Technically , we still denote the appearance of a new ABS module more compact and has more sophisticated Pledged processor .All The Same  All Different: Aesthetically , everything exchange , the goal is ER-6 Instantly recognizable as Such, all Elements of the strong initial design icts Being Renewed . Lengthens surrounding light and skinny , keeping the principle of the two optical superimposed .

It is now topped with a mini hat smoke obscuring the dashboard . The lathing , much more readable than before is enriched by a variety of information , Including a light ” Eco ” which Will fade over 6000 revs / min . Both radiator scoops lose Their integrated flashers , trivially mittal by two classic Elements of Both Sides of the lighthouse .

Kawasaki ER-6

Kawasaki ER-6 Nice Bikes Pictures

The tank is from 20 mm, and now includes the switch on the forehead in a black plastic cover That Goes Over His flanks . Saddle, now in two parts, and overlooks a narrower Shorter stern . Taillight LEDs, redesigned , is always flanked by two wide handholds .Naked or dressed ? The ER-6 F Differs from the “N” by icts fairing , Studied in the wind tunnel and owes nothing to the older generation . The bubble is adjustable in height from 60 mm through three positions , using tools, alas . Large scoops cut the sides of the fairing to release heat from the engine.

The general style is inspired by the prestigious Obviously line of Ninja and the dashboard , unlike previous generations , summarized pretty much the same architecture as That of the ” Naked” . In addition to the fuel gauge , speedometer with digital display , the watch , the odometer and two partial, it now shows the Remaining range, average / instant fuel consumption and the famous witness economical driving .

Kawasaki ER-6

Kawasaki ER-6 Nice Bikes Photos

Human: We find great pleasure with the handlebars of our two small Kawa , wondering why manufacturers insist on machinery Offering us more powerful, bulky and heavy ! Admittedly , the ER-6 , Rather slender , not much spare room for a giant , purpose in return , the wasp waist of the 650 Makes it so human and enjoyable to drive, unlike Many other bikes, well Often intimidating .

This is really what keeps this bike: it never feels overwhelmed by weight or power . Behavior, perfect in all Circumstances Makes reassuring for all , and Its engine temperament , lively and fun , can choose Their Own pace without ever scare . A true no-fault , and once again Proves That It is not Necessary to see great to have fun!

Living: Work on the engine for this 2012 vintage bears fruit : it is possible, by wrapping finely slowly summary from 2000 rev / min , more Openly from 2500 to 3000 rev / min .

Kawasaki ER-6

Kawasaki ER-6 Nice Bikes Images

The midrange , well filled , allow to best exploit the machine always with the possibility to titillate the red area to talk ( reasonably ) powder . That Said , with power up to 8500 trs, it is not Necessary to want to stall at all costs the speedometer needle at 11000 rev / min for advance.For everyone! The frame Provides more comfort , Especially with the new saddle more Easily too , with 5 cm width earned the feet, without losing neutrality icts , icts agility and stability , never taken into fault .

ER-6 are healthy and easy to carry bikes for Both old hands Who Will not be bored for a moment, for beginners to Whom They forgive Many mistakes .

A true no-fault , so for a motorcycle All which can only blame That trifles , have nevertheless perceptible vibration damping Firmer odd , effective brakes goal fall to our taste a little bite a choice That reassure beginners , and perfectible mirrors the ER- 6F Very little , in fact.

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