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A new 4-valve engine and 27 hp, new set suspension comfort saddle even more comfortable, thanks to a new design, new instrumentation designed to be more visible and comprehensive, highly ergonomic rear handle.

Quadro 350S

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These are just some of the 21 technical and stylistic updates with which the new 350S, 350D evolution of the first three-wheeled scooter launched by Quadro Vehicles SA in 2011, has now launched to the market.

Framework Vehicles SA – a Swiss company based in Ticino born in 2011 as a spin-off of Marabese Design –   experiments with innovative solutions applied to vehicles with three and four wheels, ideal for both the constant movement in the city and suburban tracts of short and medium range, allowing you to simultaneously ensure comfort, safety, agility and fun.

The new Quadro 350S is the best interpretation of all these features, expression of the philosophy of the brand, and is today with substantial upgrades, that make it suitable for a wider audience and looking for a reliable vehicle, safe and comfortable. A medium that perfectly combines aesthetics and functionality, thanks to the excellence of Italian design with the precision of Swiss technology.

Quadro 350S

Quadro 350S Bikes Photos


Quadro 350S is equipped with a new redesigned by 346 cc single-cylinder engine, 4 valves, new camshaft in the head, new EFI, 27 hp at 7000 rev / min, a maximum torque of 25.2 Nm at just 5,750 rpm / minute , important peculiarities which allow the new three-wheel to guarantee excellent performance in all driving conditions. The promptness and smoothness of, combined with brilliant performance and more power, allow the Quadro 350S to deal with the maximum safety and unparalleled agility all road conditions, and disconnected from the busy streets in the city, to the extra paths urban short-and medium-haul.


Quadro 350S was conceived with the aim of ensuring the maximum safety to the user. For this, it is able to entertain more experienced drivers, who have no way to ‘dare’ even when cornering or extreme traffic conditions, but also to reassure the newbies and those who are afraid to face the streets with only ‘two wheels ‘. One of the more important features of Quadro 350S linked to the safety factor is represented by the braking system, which uses the combined action of three disc brakes, one for each wheel, reducing the braking distance even in emergency situations. The brake pedal located on the right side of the platform, facilitates the possible emergency braking with the use of the foot. Quadro 350S allows to brake even in curves, without the risk of losing stability and adherence to the ground. Quadro 350S is also , equipped with a parking lever that locks the rear wheel and the HTS also in the condition of parking the vehicle on uneven surfaces and without the use of the side stand (on the vehicle).


Quadro 350S offers first-class comfort for all users. The seat has been completely redesigned and is presented with a new upholstery and a new cover very cozy and comfortable for both the driver and passenger, while providing a natural driving position. New is the design of instrumentation, completely revised for improved consultation in day and night conditions, and sees the addition of two new lights such as the outside temperature and the water. Practice the two platforms: the presence of the removable rear passenger, and functional knobs now characterized by a new design to ensure a better grip for the driver. In a state of complete comfort improved overall on the Quadro 350S, new rear suspension that present a new calibration comfort able to better absorb the roughness of road surfaces, even the most uneven.


One of the elements that characterize the best the concept of three wheels, concerns the stability, synonymous with safety as well as comfort. Quadro 350S is equipped with a front suspension system oleo-pneumatic revolutionary and patented internationally HTS ( Hydraulic Tilting System), which characterizes the behavior in all driving conditions, even the most impervious. The versatility of this innovative hydraulic suspension system is constantly evolving, and that the Quadro 350S provides a greater fluency and accuracy, allows you to constantly align the wheels to supporting surfaces, thus retaining the driving position in the correct position and stable, even in circumstances of precarious equilibrium (bumps and dips, rails, low obstacles sudden, etc..). This innovative pivoting structure is able to provide the user with more experienced lean angles motorcycle style. Peculiarities which results in a perfect feeling with the vehicle for all those who instead ‘face’ a scooter for the first time.


The weight of only 200 kg, the lowest in its class, allows a guide agile and agility to overcome obstacles, to extricate easily in daily traffic and ‘lean’ safely. These qualities of lightness and agility, make the Quadro 350S also very suitable to a female audience, who can afford to drive the three-wheeler also wearing a high heel, for shopping in the city center.


The cutting edge technological solutions applied in the construction of the new Quadro 350S, perfectly match with an attractive design and very elegant, which allows maximum use of space. L ‘large underseat storage compartment that opens directly from the main switch, it is able to hold two demi-jet helmets, or alternatively a full face helmet and a demi-jet, or even a demi-jet helmet and a bag of large size. Two compartments incorporated in shock, a larger one which includes a cigarette lighter socket or connection of electronic devices, and a smaller one able to contain small objects. There’s also a new rear handle made ​​of body color of the scooter, ergonomic and designed to accommodate the rear top box (accessory).


Quadro 350S has a line of accessories, that allow you to customize the vehicle according to the specific needs of the user. A rear top case to match the vehicle, with a capacity of 50 liters and easy anchorage to the rear grab handle, a blanket made ​​of neoprene leg for greater comfort of use in climate conditions also drive, and a high windshield and protective useful in travel in the short-medium haul them onto the extra-urban, which allows a clear deviation of the air flow from the driver’s face, thus retaining a perfect aerodynamics.

Quadro 350S

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Quadro 350S is available from the month of July at the official sales network in Italy € 6,990.00 Franco dealer, in four colors White Snow, Blue Ocean, Raw Black and Steel Grey.

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