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Newcomer in the GS family, the F 800 GS Adventure complements the already extensive range of BMW Motorrad legendary trails!

New BMW F 800 GS Adventure

New BMW F 800 GS Adventure Bikes Pictures

With its 24 liter tank, a special dressing, its engine protection, the reinforced rear frame, ABS and media bags series, it is shaped to the great outdoors!

Technical and staffing planned for around the world.

As the F 800 GS, the Adventure placing on the trellis frame sturdy and torsionally rigid steel tubes. Reinforced the rear part of the frame, however, take into account the volume of reservoir increased to 24 liters (or 8 + liters compared to the F 800 GS) for greater autonomy. Like its sibling, the F 800 GS Adventure comes as standard with ABS. Two other systems important to safety and drive are available as factory option or accessory: Traction Control ASC (Automatic Stability Control) and the suspension driven ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment).

The F 800 GS Adventure is positioned as the trail, the average travel safer market displacement, along with the F 800 GS. Associated with CSA, the new Enduro mode is available as an option on the new F 800 GS Adventure. The push of a button allows the driver to raise the threshold triggering skating ABS and ASC, when operating in rough terrain and optimize the deceleration and acceleration on slippery ground in favor of a experience even more dynamic driving.

The F 800 GS Adventure not only new windshield fairing elements to look manly, but it also highlights is perfect for trips around the world, for example through the new seat very comfortable, with a windshield more great for added protection against wind and weather and the hand guard. The footrest extended enduro, the brake pedal and reinforced adjustable and guard housing and supports suitcase same time protecting the tank housed rear round off the new standard with the F 800 GS Adventure.

Highlights of the BMW F 800 GS Adventure Compared to the F 800 GS:

Recovery of the overall concept of the F 800 GS twin with his muscular and agile chassis, but with increased capacity crossing and a greater ability to travel around the world:

  • Elements of the fairing look GS Adventure resolutely robust and virile.
  • Balanced proportions despite the large tank at the rear.
  • Volume increased to 24 liters tank (l + 8)> Autonomy enlarged approximately 120 kilometers.
  • ABS as standard, ASC as factory option or accessory.
  • New Enduro Mode option in conjunction with the ASC.
  • Suspension driven electronic ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) as factory option.
  • Rear frame reinforced.
  • Saddle more comfortable.
  • Windshield large format.
  • Footrest extended enduro.
  • Adjustable brake pedal strengthened.
  • Protects engine crankcase.
  • Supports portmanteau acting rear tank cover.
  • Wide range of accessories and options from the factory.

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