Indian Chief Classic: A Beautiful Bike and Well Born

With its Chief Classic Indian sign a magnificent return to the forefront after decades of absence. Modern, efficient and engaging motorcycle, which cultivates its roots. An expensive bike, too.

Indian Motorcycle is back … 60 years after bankruptcy. Acquired in April 2011 by the huge U.S. Polaris Group, owner of Victory Motorcycles, the legendary brand introduced beginning in August 2013 no less than three new motorcycles.

These bikes are the Chief Classic, Vintage and Chief Chieftain that Cycle had the chance to try and hold the United States. Sharing the same chassis and engine, all three are good bikes today, but without denying the prolific and magnificent history of Indian.

 Indian Chief Classic

Indian Chief Classic Bikes Pictures

In practice, the Chief Classic, on which we spent the most time, proved born, engaging and effective, a motorcycle very well even if it was only a pre-production bike .

Visually First, it is a subtle reminder seen on Indian motorcycles of the 30 items, 40 and 50: mudguard wraparound thick metal, center console, hold “Indian head” on the front fender etc.. All beautifully finished and decorated with a multitude of fully integrated chrome parts.

Dynamically, the Chief Classic is steeped in quality. Though suspended, comfortable with its thick stitched leather saddle, it is very good to drive, placing naturally turn, despite its heavy weight, 370 kg fully fueled, and Dunlop American Elite follichons not.

It also has a very good ground clearance (140 mm) hard to find fault, which is rare on a custom … Its braking told Nissin (like Victory Motorcycles) and with more original ABS is convincing, although a little more power to the front would be welcome.

Motor side, the big v-twin Thunder Stroke 111 1811 cm3 and injection, which was unveiled in spring 2013, is also well born. Full as an egg, soft and alive, it propels the Chief Classic in a beautiful sound to listen here:

Thunder Stroke 111 Engine Sound .


Engine Pictures

 Indian Chief Classic

Indian Chief Classic Bikes Photos

Only the e price of Indian Chief Classic causes coughing. Count € 23,595 black version (€ 300 more for the red or blue)! Indian warranted by the cult of history but also the desire to ensure a comfortable margin on each bike sold.

 Indian Chief Classic

Indian Chief Classic Bikes Images

The Indian Chief Vintage Chief Classic is equipped with a windshield easily removable, and saddlebags light brown buff. Price: 25 399 € 25 699 black and red or blue here.

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