Honda’s V4 Homologation Extraordinary Established But Delayed

Honda CBR1000RR Fire Blade is a little long in the tooth has been evident for several years. Honda plans to take a very special super car world V4 sport where the onboard fire was also widely brewing in recent years.


Honda Motor Co. CEO Takanobu Ito, speak openly about the bike at the end of 2012 for the first time publicly acknowledged the existence of the V4 1000.

Since then, there have been rumors that the new Honda Superbike is to be in November this year at the EICMA in Milan. So persistent rumors last week forced the Italian Honda has issued a denial, insisted bike will not be introduced in November this year EICMA press release issued by the Italian media.
Leading Italian site a full email content (Italy), but the simple summary email. She asks the media to stop spreading a rumor that Honda will EICMA, while recognizing the existence of a member of the motorcycle.

E -mail refers to it as “the most advanced motorcycle produced by Honda intention” to get an overview of the bicycle. As Honda NR750 ago (as shown above), V4 Honda is a motorcycle built for this purpose, to the high -end market.

The price is likely to be around € 75,000 mark that indicates what should be the bike performance. In comparison, the Yamaha R7 approval especially on half the price, the amount, the price inflation compensation in 1999.

This seems to be the Honda – a new business model, or, more precisely, to return to the old business model. With motorcycles approval special rewards high performance, was sold to a very rich clientele, the market so far dominated by European manufacturers such as Ducati.

In fact, the Ducati Panigale production ” Superleggera commercial version Honda V4, and in a small number of a select group of clients around the same price.

Superleggera is the same, do not expect a road near you anytime soon see a Honda V4 Superbike WSBK paddock rumors that several teams had their pre-order should Superstock bike to dominate the world based on more classes.

Interestingly, other manufacturers will react. Kawasaki , BMW, Ducati dominated the Superstock championship, but until the release of the Honda V4 super- size, we do not know if other manufacturers will be able to compete with their existing machinery.

With global sales of sports cars on the decline, the mass production of high-end sports car market niche can be saved. They will not be on the road to a common sight, but they can reopen the sports manufacturing become a profitable business.

New Super Honda V4 currently scheduled to begin at the end of next year, ready to play in 2015, under the new rules EVO . With the EVO rules limit the amount of engine modifications can be made, there is the competitiveness of a bog standard bike will be crucial.

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