Honda Transalp Twenty Years Of Reflection


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Accurately Transalp avoided the pitfall of ” Dakar Replica ” , much in vogue in those remote times , but too radical with their huge shells , Their suspensions to infinite displacements , and often their air-cooled mono. Transalp incorporated the idea of fork head , here nicely integrated to the body , aim more importantly it opened new horizons and a new versatility with a V -twin liquid -cooled 600cc , 50hp Developing initially .


Honda Bikes Photos

The Remaining issue for the time , consisted of a steel frame , a 21 -inch front wheel , a drum brake at the rear , a cross handlebars and suspensions to wide deflections . Transalp has enjoyed success sacred , Evidenced by successive touches, sometimes very subtle , sometimes more pronounced , as in 2000. Mainly vintage benefited from Increased displacement 650cc now and was redesigned completely Call , in Accordance  however his elder line . 2007 marks a new and significant step in the saga of the Transalp .

Evolutions wise and successive
The new engine benefits from an Increase in displacement to 680cc cuber Precisely now , the passing power 60hp . The frame Does not change much , Almost verbatim Renewing the Existing framework, a dual cradle steel and conventional 41mm fork . However , the front wheel leaves 2 inches in diameter for just 19 now . ” Recasting the model feels on the scale , with 20kg earned on the previous generation .


Honda Bikes Images

Changing the look more freely. Certainly , the main features of the Transalp sweating , aim the body wants to be more sharp, more modern, a bit aggressive with a lighthouse and a very stylish crown . a few they ask questions, however , with a handlebar that affects virtually side covers shines, when thoroughly , to the point that there jammed fingers ! Create dashboard aussi cleverly -combining analog tachometer with digital keypad for speed , time, gauge and trips . Ease, goodwill of the Transalp icts since inception , is found fully preserved .
Spirit , are you there ?
The Transalp was good to do it the rest ! The engine , valiant , but not full of exuberance and shoulds not put you in trouble , any, more than the frame , very healthy , that ‘ Will remind you to order if you came to the idea of a little too Rushed . Nothing to worry about , just enough to remind you that you are riding a trail , not a sharp roadster ! Same for braking , efficient and reassuring , Especially since it has ABS and the combined system coupling the forehead and rear .

It slows nicely , goal without much bite . Driving enthusiasts ” incisive ” go your way! With a redesigned seat and closer , the Transalp is not Intended Exclusively for more great templates. Moreover’s , the wind protection Seemed a bit limited at the bust , head and shoulders . Enough to justify the purchase of a high Proposed option bubble ? By cons, ten out of ten for foot protection , remarkable ! Good points as pure passenger grab handles , small package carrier initiating event was quite useful. Well as the headlight mounted two H7 bulbs .



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In driving, the Transalp does not deny appears origins and always have a nice companion . The engine restarts, When 2,000 r / min , hums gently without showing Specific gaps. The 60hp May be in trouble when traveling in the mountains with two arms and baggage , It will then enjoy great maneuverability offert by a frame, That feasts before the 19 “wheel . Suspensions, sophisticated Regardless honorably Fulfill Their task , arriving to Reconcile honorably and comfort rigor relative. Would probably all in the best of all worlds if We had not Suffered Throughout testing a gearbox decidedly surly .

Drives locks, and odd harsh downshifting , Almost systematic Inability to find neutral at a red light , our test city quickly turned into a real ordeal ! Incomprehensible and so distant cannon brand Abebooks web takes to be a wrong number dropped from this Point of view there. a trial run on Another machine that will probably confirm . For the rest , the last frame of the transalp shoulds meet all expectations “aficionados” of this model as it has preserved , is Improving in All Areas , the spirit Initiated by His grandmother over there twenty years ago . The Transalp is available for  7.190 ,  7.790 with ABS option.

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