Honda to The Rescue With RC-V1000, and CBR650F Hornet 650 at EICMA 2013

The Japanese warms up and is set to launch a host of new in Milan. What? Here are our assumptions: we start from the super expensive derived from MotoGP to get to the renovated 4-cylinder family CB.

Honda to The Rescue With RC-V1000

Honda to The Rescue With RC-V1000 Bikes Pictures

The Japanese warms up and is set to launch a host of new in Milan.

It starts from the very expensive super sports derived from MotoGP, to get to the renovated 4-cylinder family CB. But there is also waiting for the models 700 (Integra and NC), and scooters (from the new SH 125 Mode).

The RC-V1000 is discussed for some time and just Milan could be – let’s keep the conditional in these cases as a precaution – the stage of his debut.

Takanobu Ito, CEO of Honda Motor Company Japan, has already announced the arrival of a super sports car derived from RC213V Grand Prix. A true masterpiece of engineering driven by a V4 engine, that uses the latest mechanical and electronic solutions daughters of MotoGP. A compact engine, which will struggle to deliver a power of 220 horses.

The RC-V1000 would arise then as legitimate heir of the legendary RC30 and RC45, authentic race cars badged, designed to win in World Superbike. The future instead Honda will boast an unbreakable bond with the MotoGP.

Before her only Ducati had dared so much, putting into production the legendary Desmosedici RR (here the ads for sale on ).

And as the replica of Borgo Panigale, the CR-V also will have a price collector. Obviously the mouths Atessa and surroundings are sealed with the Attack, but do not be surprised too if the figure was five zeros.

Honda will present numerous innovations in Milan. In addition to the MotoGP replica, we will see many bikes easy, costs of acquisition and ownership.

Among these, It is given to almost certain the debut of the Hornet 650 and CBR650F equipped with a 4-cylinder engine with far bigger engines to get more thrust at low while observing the new limits on exhaust emissions.

Are expected to detail changes for the 700 family, perhaps subject to a slight increase in displacement.

Certainly it will be unveiled to the public the European CTX700, the modern cruiser already presented in February at the show in Chicago and powered by the 700 family bicilindrio NC, with dual-clutch gearbox.

The rumors also speak of news for the VFR800 and its derivative Crossrunner. We will soon see what is there behind these advances.

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