Honda Integra Long Term Test In Countries Argonne

The weeks pass, the Integra has done office switch, Equally at home on the highway than in the city and on the road, it is Sufficient proof of the correctness of  his concept.

Hard working like a scooter, it offers protection and ease of driving than Any bike envy him, while her down on highway and road behavior was more rural road Provide accreditation little scooters approaching.


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The test of the Ducati Hyperstrada and the promise of a ride with biker friends we draw a hike That Will take us to the shores of Lake Der, west of Saint-Dizier. At the last minute, we Decided to add to the Hyperstrada 1200GS and our friends Integra, just to make him see the scenery!We meet at Mons around a breakfast, before drawing to Rocroi via Beaumont, Chimay and cul -des- Sarts . Short break on the place of Rocroi , invaded by the carnival , then we take the scenic route fortifications towards Charleville -Mezieres, we are experiencing rapidly to explode after we Flize the D133 and D12 , following the regular route Rimbaud Verlaine. The course is a real treat, which winds through the Ardennes massif.

We cross the Elan forest to mark a break in the vicinity of spectacular ruins of the Cassine . It was a baptism of fire for our Integra . It had already proved his skills commuting , and it was the minimum for this type of gear ! She also showed us his fitness to travel by taking us to London duo with bag and baggage . This time , we wanted the experience to ” Bastard among friends ” on the backroads ” who do good” mode.

Mode  Arsouille : Again, sure bet for unlikely mutant ! The modest 670 cc beautiful just 52 hp peaceful regime 6250 rev / min , it does not prevent to show some character. We quickly abandon mode “D” for the Sport mode, more responsive and adapted to print the group rate.


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The agreement engine – transmission deserves only praise and road behavior Integra which , remember, has a cycle of motorcycle parts , little is open to criticism.We quickly lose the desire to manage the shifting in manual mode, without interest : it seems more interesting to keep the automatic in Sport mode , even occasionally intervene on pallets left hand to eventually force the passage a report when the need arises .

A little lunch break Brieulles -Sur- Bar, one of the few restaurants that we will meet on our way! A force concoct routes on the most deserted county , we end up too much hassle to find something to feed men and horses !
We left on the D982 towards Saint Menehoulde . It is here that were recognized Louis XVI and Marie- Antoinette June 21, 1791 , when they fled from the Tuileries to the eastern borders .


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They will be arrested not far from here , in Varennes, before being brought back to Paris the next day. Places are rich in history , since one year later , the revolutionary stop invading Austro- Prussian army at Valmy , ten miles west of Sainte- Menehoulde . The region is distinguished unfortunately still for the duration of World War I , many sites testify even today.Tree Houses: The goal of our hike would happily quieter : spend the night in a treehouse in the trees south of Lake Chantecoq . Largest lake in France , it was inaugurated in 1974 to regulate the course of the Marne and Seine and avoid catastrophic floods what could know Paris , nearly 200 miles away .

We leave the D982 shortly before Vitry -le- François and stitching vertically to the lake we went around to the west , almost without seeing it, it is hidden by more than 20 km of dikes .

Finally arrived , we discover our clueless cabins in the woods . No technological sophistication here: no water, no electricity! We ask our business, exit the heavy motorcycle equipment , we get our abandoned on the road frames and leave a bite .


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Black ink return , no question of abandoning our bikes anywhere we decide to ” hide ” in one of the tree houses . And here we are in the middle of night to cross a moat with the integration and to slalom between the stem ! Fortunately it has not rained lately.Play Ground: 380 km of county for the first day , and after a night five meters perched in trees ( us, not the bikes !) ,

And breakfast at the height of birds, it is time to prepare the return , or even close 400km on small roads also nice little frequented , except by a few agricultural machinery and from time to time an improbable car, probably lost .


Honda Nice Bikes Photos

Time remaining part , better than the day before in fact, with an ambient temperature wedged between 20 and 25 ° .The roads are so clueless that we will cross a radar control , generously reported by the Agricultural convoy we meet at the right time on one of the few county a little more crowded than we borrow half a kilometer .

The Integra , always joking, do not suffer in any way from the presence of a top box loaded, and we continue to juggle between two automatic modes depending on the circumstances , lulled by the manly yelp exhaust Ixil , mounted the ‘ days before departure.

Dark Dog Moto Tour: We also appreciate our small windscreen Givi Not content to reduce the line of the Integra , it removes the turbulence generated at the helmet by the original part .

Certainly less protective in case of rain , it relieves enough bust and neck wind pressure , enough anyway to consider long steps with confidence.

But the best part is that the pleasure lavished by this Integra definitely comfortable in all circumstances, including on the road , as indeed proved to the requisite Benjamin Colliaux winning last year category “Scooter ” Dark Dog Moto Tour , has paid only a modest 3.3 L/100km on average 800 km of our journey !

Yes, you read that right , three point three liters per hundred kilometers , without ceasing to treat ourselves to the handlebars without delaying the 1200 GS and the Ducati Hyperstrada accompanying us ! It is not life beautiful.

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