Honda expects to Increase Production by 40% and Sales of Motorcycles in 2013

losed the year with over 128,000 units sold, making it the leader. He also announced the addition of more domestic manufacturing models.


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Honda Motor from Argentina ended the year becoming market leader in motorcycle, reaching in December, by market share of 21 percent.

During 2012, the company closed the year with domestically produced 120,000 motorcycles and by 2013 the ambitions are higher.

The brand announced plans production and sale of a total of 170,000 motorcycles, which represent 40% of milk produced in 2012.

In addition, Argentina Honda Motor has announced the addition of new models to line up for the 2013 National. These are:

  • CB1 TUF, multipurpose model 125CC engine and 4-speed
  • CRF 250L, an ideal bike for both city use in urban displacement 250cm3
  • XRE 300, a model that retains its predecessor’s chassis improvements for motorcyclists incorporating more extreme (mid-year presenting a special version limited “Dakar” Rally inspired CRF450X)
  • NC700X, motorcycle high engineering, design and sophistication.

Throughout 2012, the Honda Wave continued to be the best selling model in the country with over 49,800 units sold.

Moreover, in the past two years, the company installed a new production line in Bell, one designed to produce plastic injection plastic parts of motorbikes along with 12 injection molds to produce plastic parts 3 21 different models.

It also acquired the plant in Florencio Varela, which, as of July, began working in two shifts of production.

Currently, the company is producing eight national models at plants in Florencio Varela and Campana: Wave NF100, Biz C125, CB1, XR 125L, CG150 Titan, CBX 250 Twister, XR 250 Tornado and NX4 Falcon model.

Between the two plants, the company is producing 491 units per day, representing a cumulative production in 7 years of more than 330,000 units produced in the country.

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