Honda DN-01 The Missing Link?

When the DN- 01 made ​​its first appearance on the catwalk of the Tokyo Motor Show in 2005 Many thought it Would Be a prototype exercise more year in style doomed to be forgotten as Quickly as Many others before him .

Honda DN-01 The Missing Link?

Honda DN-01 Bikes Pictures

Qualities promised by the Continuously Variable Transmission HFT Inaugurated on this occasion resembled also those promises that never materialize . And yet , with radical its and innovative style , the DN- 01 is about to cross our roads , keeping the passageway its sophisticated automatic transmission That opens the door to a new way of practicing motorcycle .

A new world

When Honda engineers cam together to imagine this new machine They wanted to award him nothing less than the performance of a sports car , the comfort of a custom and ease of driving a big scooter.

While Incorporating the latest technology in security and the fight against pollution. The operation of this machinery should be obvious to everyone , with an easy grip and a neutral behavior , no other constraint than slide along the roads .

Malthus , the sine qua non for Obtaining the driving pleasure It was through an automatic transmission.

Honda DN-01 The Missing Link?

Honda DN-01 Bikes Photos

Revolutionary transmission

We do not dwell long on style , really original and spectacular, leading the way to a position very personal conduite . Yet it hides a conventional frame Rather , Consisting of a double- cradle steel frame Supporting the front has conventional 41mm fork and rear swingarm That Incorporates a robust final drive . 17 wheels, wheelbase 1605 mm and caster angle of 28 ° confirm the surprising Desired by Honda synthesis .

The engine , inherited Deauville shines not by much originality , despite careful optimization and Particular care taken to Reduce Emissions . More than its engine , what really characterizes the new DN- 01 and is a pioneer , is the new automatic transmission called expired HFT (Human Friendly Transmission- ) .

Nothing to see here with the drive systems That power scooters or odd semi -automatic systems That combines a conventional box with hydraulic clutch . The HFT is Entirely hydro -mechanical transmission with a hydraulic clutch That Automatically exchange the gear ratios – Rather carry belt – in order to generate strong accelerations  such as bright sports and Those That can be felt with a manual gearbox .

A few technical

Honda DN-01 The Missing Link?

Honda DN-01 Bikes Images

HFT has two transmission modes: “D” ( Drive) for normal driving style “S” ( Sport) for a more sporting driving Significantly Quicker resulting and in acceleration . In addition to two automatic modes thesis , this system offers a third way in the form of a 6 – speed manual selection Which Gives the driver the opportunity to climb or descend reports through buttons on the handlebars .

HFT transmission of the DN- 01 features a locking system similar to found That is because automatic transmissions, a system That Allows live a more “connection ” between the engine and the rear wheel for more vivid acceleration is automatic transmissions or drives.

The best braking Marketplace

The combined braking system combined the ABS . Honda offers probably with this set available on several models one of the best braking systems market . At the front, this system Consists of a pair of yokes 3 combined pistons All which bite into 296 mm discs . At the rear , the single 276 mm disc mounted Between the swing arm and the wheel is gripped by Itself a dual- piston caliper .

Like other Honda so equipped , the combined system of the DN- 01 rear brake pedal the combined with a piston caliper Front right to Obtain an optimal distribution of braking force Between the Front and rear , the rear brake if odd is Firmly Applied .

Honda DN-01 The Missing Link?

Honda DN-01 Nice Bikes Pictures

The Remaining 5 piston calipers on the forehead are conventionally Actuated by the lift . Finally , for total security stopped , the DN- 01 features a park brake have to lift Easily accessible.
Optional Equipment

In addition to the HISS immobilizer system fitted Originally , All which is based on a highly efficient electronic device to Prevent the motor is started in the lack of one of the two original keys , ND -01 can receive in addition a vibration sensor alarm and siren .

Other interesting options Confirms Honda ‘s ambitions for this model,  such as heated grips, a navigation system , Bluetooth or an audio amp with waterproof speakers .

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