Honda CTX 700 2014

To transform the NC 700 into bagger, the idea can seem incongruous. And yet, it is indeed the kernel of this new Honda CTX 700 2014.

Add to him the pair of bugs in option, painted color body and perfectly integrated into the line, and you obtain a true F6B in miniature.

Honda CTX 700 2014

Honda CTX 700 2014  Bikes Pictures

Alternative touring of concept CTX, this custom borrows from duet NC 700 S/X it part-cycle and mechanics. A fork of 41 mm, a disc of brake by wheel, ABS in option, a simple but effective frame, a twin-cylinder parallel with economic vocation, here essentially. The framework out of steel tubes that is not partially improved to conform to the silhouette and the claims of this machine to the strange places. There are DN-01 in this blow of pencil, and a chouïa of Goldwing to refine the future. Ahead of fork solid mass providing protection and balance as a pair of handles passenger distinguish this  from his/her browser version NR. One to travel, the other for cruisers.

Honda CTX 700 2014

Honda CTX 700 2014 Bikes Photos

With a large windshield, the small momentary splash plate and the cases, this Honda CTX 700 2014 become a Tourer truth of small-engined car. It will be necessary to compose with a modest power, the twin of 670 Cm3 delivering only about fifty horses. Not the lightning of war, certainly, but it is generally the level of Watts which one meets at the customs mid-size. Mechanics counts on certain quite specific assets. A consumption very software , a strong slope of the cylinders and a positioning supporting a very low center of gravity, and the possibility of receiving limps it robotized DCT. A custom with one limps semi-automatic with double clutch, it is exceptional. It’s a pity that the transmission is entrusted to a chain; a belt is of habit in this category.

Honda CTX 700 2014

Honda CTX 700 2014 Bikes Images

With an ultra low base, a position of cool control riding and a trunk instead of a tank, the Honda CTX 700 2014 claims to defend its slogan proudly and to justify its name: Comfort Technology experiment. This new idea of the custom will not fail to feed suspicions but Honda can play with a master card: the price. The CTX is displayed with 7,799 dollars (8 799 dollars with limps DCT) that is to say approximately 6,000 euros (6 600 with DCT). Will the manufacturer allow you to him it to pose his wheels on the old continent or only the Uncle Sam have willed the privilege of it?

Honda CTX 700 2014

Honda CTX 700 2014 Bikes Nice Pictures

Honda CTX 700 2014 Specs

Frame: Tally: Diamond type to acierRéservoir some: 12 litresHautor of saddle: 720 mmEmpattement: 1529 mm

Nose gear: Telehydraulic fork Ø 41 mm, deb.: 107 mm1 discs Ø 320 mm, clamp 2 pistonsRoue AV: 120/70 – 17”

Transmission: Limp to 6 secondary rapportsTransmission by chain

Rear wheel-axle unit: Mono-shock absorber Pro-link, Deb.: 109 mm1 discs Ø 240mm, clamp 1 piston-rod AR: 160/60 – 17”

Engine: Twin-cylinder online, 4 tempsRefroidissement: by injection Ø 36 mm1 ACT4 valves by cylindre670 DC (73 X 80 mm) ≈ 50 ch

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