Honda CTX 1300 The Custom Touring

 Those expected a new Pan European 2014 will have to wait at least one year. Unless They Are seduced by this amazing Honda CTX 1300.Honda-CTX-1300-The-Custom-Touring

Surprising Because this bike certainly is while some manufacturers choose the card has some of conservatism , others -have Constantly surpendre us and ask us .

Because standards are as the Evolving Needs and traffic conditions change market expectations , the bike HAS to reinvent Itself . In conbditions thesis , what more natural finally see the World’s Largest manufacturer of 2 – wheeled motorized lead by example on this innovative CTX 1300 ?

Most  apendiceWill See relevance with the continuity of a concept Recently Introduced by the impressive and F6B Pursued by the CTX700 , Itself derived from NC700  ergonomics and a customisante architecture in the Service of driving pleasure and performance surfing Between utility and road . In short , what Christopher Decultot , the boss of Honda France Recently named “custom touring” . And it must be reconnu Seems That The idea covered .

A heart in a Pan European body cruiser

Honda-CTX-1300-The-Custom-Touring,.At least if the Pan European hasupset person in terms of behavior – altho. The V4 in the management of the road , he is now Regarded as a reference , both, in terms of approval That performance. We appreciate Among Other Flexibility at very low revs , elasticity thereafter , and excellence of icts transmission ( box , drive shaft ) Almost transparent to use .

This is a very good thing to see make a comeback on the CTX 1300, Especially since it has-been here several modifications to Increase icts torque – strength – low and medium revs ( 10.6 daN.m worn at 4500 rev / min) than raw icts performance , limited to 62 kilowatts (84 hp ) at 6000 rev / min .

These include a new valve timing , new exhaust (the sound very Studied ) and new venturis PGM-FI , and the arrival of the famous traction control , present in more than Honda.

Chassis side this time forgotten aluminum , Honda returns to the fundamentals for Realizing the CTX 1300 dual cradle steel frame tubes , Associated with two conventional dampers and an oscillating rear aluminum and an inverted fork with forearm . In short, the known and  safe ” to ward off the bad luck of the Pan European .

Seen in the photos, the low seat promised to put the bike in the reach of Almost all sizes . Handlebars bent backward , forward footrests and low bubble , this is for the custom style ” baggerisant ” and ease of use hands , while for the rest , the CTX 1300 Honda intends to explore icts own way .

Honda-CTX-1300-The-Custom-Touring,CTX 1300 GT Rerefence the future ?

The manufacturer has promised behavior midway Between road and custom heavy . Because icts with 338 kg with full , open geometry icts or pulls His rear 200 mm wide , 1300 CTX is not a ballerina . That Said , not here to act before a test drive of the beast , Which Will announce at least interesting .

We remember the good behavior of the GoldWing F6B despite icts odd weight more impressive , and no doubt the manufacturer That Should Have His experience could “not that beautiful” Road to profit on the CTX 1300 to offer him up to a behavior to icts claims.

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