Honda CRF250L Dual Sport

Last summer debut of the Honda CRF250L, which – whoa, not just a forgotten category! –

 Honda CRF250L

Honda CRF250L Bikes Pictures

Ounce endurókat for everyday use brought back. Then unanimously enthusiastic about it, in fact, on one occasion it has been reported that one of the best buys of the year 2012.

The newly-developed and proven foundation did not hurt the body, the chassis and the CBR250-derived fully complied with the new block types without additional igazítgatás, however, larger front brakes and a longer final drive was. History is not the first szupermotójával bíbelődtek more inventive of the genre – with 17-inch wheels and high-grip tires mounted on it and started turning perpendicular to the direction of travel.



Engine Pictures

To quote another staffer, “The Honda can’t get out of it’s own way!” While this is a bit of an overstatement, the CRF has the mild power and is a heavy little bike at a clamed 320 lbs. The engine is probably not as slow as it seems but lags because of the sizable heft of bike. This lack of juice will definitely limit the size of hills and depth of soft sand you can comfortably tackle. Yet, on smooth power line maintenance roads, the Honda shines and the mellow power translates to control. On the pavement, the engine performs well, but doesn’t launch from a stop without a quick jab at the clutch. With EFI, the Honda starts with ease and runs very smoothly without one hiccup, sputter or stammer.

Without any adjustment capability and being very soft, the CRF’s suspension is definitely a weak spot. Combined with the soft power, the Honda has a hard time keeping up with other dual-sports on moderate trails. I got to know the suspension stops quite well as I clacked through tall whoops. But don’t think that this bike can’t handle the dirt, it just has to be ridden at a slower, less aggressive pace and it will get you where you want to go.

Compared to taller street legal dirt bikes, the Honda is a much better street goer. The suspension and low seat height make you feel planted and though it’s heavy, the CRF carries it’s weight well and corners like a champ. Also, the clutch is buttery smooth and the gearbox is complimentarily slick without any missed shifts or vagueness.

 Equipment / Style

 Honda CRF250L

Honda CRF250L Bikes Images

 Protected by a lighthouse plate inspired design from that of CRF, including electronic instrumentation includes a fuel gauge, a clock and 2 counters daily mileage while lighting is entrusted to a single optical bulb H4 60W/55. general style of the CRF250L includes many codes used by the machines of the CRF range, especially at the proposals “triangle” and of mass centralization. The interface has also been one of the priority factors insofar as the machine had to be as efficient and comfortable in very different conditions.

 Honda CRF250L

Honda CRF250L Nice Bikes Pictures

 The handlebars and he determines an upright riding position and relaxed while his large lever arm allows full use of the steering angle of 45 ° authorized by management. A significant quality in traffic or on country roads! For the same purpose, the shape of the seat and tank 7.7 liters allows great freedom of movement of the machine. Finally, the dressing is distinguished by a rear seat that incorporates a toolkit locked at its base.

CRF250L   (2013) 4 € 490  April 201
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