Honda CRF 250 R 2014

Honda CRF 250 R was a neat evolution of the previous model, that one even which gained the two titles Supercross Lites US in 2012.

For 2014, the engineers in charge of the development chose the way of the revolution rather than of the evolution: they optimized the Honda CRF 250 R by adopting same philosophy and the same framework as that of the CRF 450 R. Le engine and the food by injection PGM-FI also received improvements in order to increase the power, the couple and the control of gases while the weight was limited everywhere where that was possible.

Honda CRF 250 R

Honda CRF 250 R Bikes Pictures

In the center of the transformations of the Honda CRF 250 R 2014, one finds the last generation of framework aluminium inaugurated over the year 2013 of the CRF 450 R. L’ lowering of the centre of gravity and the reduction of inertia brought by this new framework still multiply by ten the dynamic behavior of the CRF 250 R on the track but also in the “air” sequences. The internal modifications made to the reversed fork Showa of 48 mm are supplemented by the adoption of a new compact back shock absorber like by evolutions on the Pro-Link and the drawing of the oscillating aluminium arm.

Always also exemplary in term of availability and facility of exploitation, the one-cylinder one of 249 Cm3 profited from a multiplicity of developments on behalf of the engineers of the HRC, in particular on the food by injection PGM-FI and the flow of gas flows to the admission, in the cylinder head and with the exhaust.

Honda CRF 250 R

Honda CRF 250 R Bikes Photos

With final, the new Honda CRF 250 R approaches even more perfection: once more, the HRC was confined of a perfectly homogeneous and effective machine. A superb tool for the professionals as well as for the amateurs.

Honda CRF 250 R Part-cycle

For this 6th generation of framework aluminium dedicated to the MX, the specialists frame in the HRC accumulated the requirements: traction improved with before like in the back, feeling of reinforced adherence, stability and braking with high-speed, feeling of lightness in the turns whatever the conditions. Displaying just 9.35 kg (for a total weight of 105.7 kg), the framework of the Honda CRF 250 R seems the new reference of its category.

Honda CRF 250 R

Honda CRF 250 R Bikes Images

In the facts, Honda CRF 250 R is about a total redefinition: the junction point of the steering column and the principal members is indeed much low on the tube of the column, from now on nearer to the median point than of the top. This change contributes to lower the centre of gravity and introduced a kind of “flexibility calculated” within the framework for the benefit of a better adherence of before and a better throughput speed in turn. A cradle specific to the Honda CRF 250 R supports the engine.

The geometry of direction (angle of 27 ‘ 23°, trailed of 116.7 mm and footing of 1489 mm) draws advantage from the new characteristics of the framework to offer a more direct connection with the front pneumatic tyre with, with final, a better feeling of adherence available and thus more important throughput speeds in curve. With a lower centre of gravity, swingings from one with dimensions to another are carried out more easily, supporting the feeling of confidence of the pilot and limiting his tiredness.

An attentive fitting of the equipment around the framework contributes to the centralization of the masses, downwards sensitive of the inertia and to the feeling of lightness which emerges from the machine. Low-fat to the maximum, electric components – electronic, condensing, regulating power station and electrical loom are concentrated around the body of injector. Lighter and clean with the Honda CRF 250 R, the new radiators from now on are established low.

In the chapter of the suspensions, the higher fixing of the Showa shock absorber is placed 14.5 mm lower on the framework while L ` shock absorber itself – which receives new tarings out of spring, compression and relaxation is also 14.5 mm shorter. The benefit of the centralization of the masses in this zone results in a fall of inertia in line with the machine: thus it is possible to slow down more extremely without compromising stability. Thanks to a more important height in the center and front, the new oscillating aluminium arm offers more rigidity, becomes deformed less and improves the propulsion of the back pneumatic tyre at exit of turn.

Honda CRF 250 R

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In 2013, the reversed fork Showa of 48 mm had received new internal pistons larger diameter (from 35 to 37 mm) for better characteristics of damping at low speed. For 2014, the setting of the springs was adapted to the new characteristics of the framework. The relaxation and compression always give 16 opportunities of adjustment.

The suspension postpones Pro-Link benefits from new ratios of reduction which enable him to discuss on 375 mm. Entirely adjustable, the shock absorber gives 17 opportunities of adjustment in relaxation whereas compression is adjustable according to 13 positions (low speeds) and 3.5 turns (high-speeds).

The new preparing of the CRF 250 R marks an evolution of the “triangular” style outline on the CRF 450 R 2013: the machine is literally built around the pilot, with a very particular care carried to the ergonomics and the centralization of the masses. The scoops of radiator, the masks side, the ultralight saddle or the fuel tank (6.3 liters) have a continuity of form which gets to the pilot an important freedom of displacement and fluidity in its movements.

In parallel, the points of fixing of the preparing with which the pilot is likely to be in contact are very rigid in order to make it possible this one “to clutch” the motorcycle for the best felt and a better control. Lastly, the back mudguard has an integrated locking point which facilitates the handling of the machine in the stands.

Dimensioned pneumatic, envelopes 80/100-21 for before and 100/90-19 for the back take part in the reduction of the weight not suspended. As regards braking, the disc before “petal” of ø 240 mm and its clamp 2 pistons are protected by a mask in 2 parts whereas the back disc and the clamp simple piston are also safe from projections.

Honda CRF 250 R Motorization

During the development cycle, the motor mechanics of the HRC turned their attention on a certain number of points aiming at increasing the power as well as the availability of the engine of the CRF one-cylinder Honda CRF 250 R. Le 4 Unicam valves of 249 Cm3 cooled by water always impressed its users not only by the quantity of the power available whatever the mode but also by its promptness to the least opening of gases. To improve this omnipresence was part of the objectives to be reached.

Thanks to a volumetric report passed of 13.2 to 1 to 13.5 to 1 like with a cylinder head and conduits of redrawn admission and exhaust, the effectiveness of combustion was increased. The values of boring and race remain unchanged (76.8 X 53.8 mm), just like the diameter of the valves (ø 30.5 mm out of titanium for the admission, ø 25 mm out of steel for the exhaust). On the other hand, the gear box was re-examined in order to increase resistance by Honda CRF 250 R. With final, progress in terms of power and couple was concentrated on the most important beach of mode, namely bottoms and average modes.

As on the CRF450R, the new cartography of injection PGM-FI and the modified angle of the injectors still adds to the profit in performances. There lastly, copying that of the 450, limps it with air is associated with a double exhaust suitable for the Honda CRF 250 R and privileging still the centralization of the masses.

Honda CRF 250 R Specs

 Frame: Tally:
Double beam, simple cradle duplicated to aluminiumReservoir some: 6.3 litresHautor of saddle: 951 mmLonguor: 2181 mmLargor: 827 mmHautor: 1271 mmEmpattement: 1489 mmPoids in functioning order: 105.7 kg

Nose gear:
Reversed telehydraulic fork Ø 48 mm1 disc Ø 240 mm, clamp 2 pistonsRoue AV: 80/100 – 21”

Limp to 5 secondary rapportsTransmission by chain

Rear wheel-axle unit:
Mono-shock absorber, deb.: 375 mm1 disc Ø 240 mm, clamp 1 pistonRoue AR: 100/90 – 19”

One-cylinder online, 4 tempsRefroidissement: by eauInjection Ø nc1 ACT4 soupapes249 DC (76.8 X 53.8 mm) ≈ 43 ch

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