Honda CBR500R The Test Track

Honda again we kick the NC700 and we accept his youngest three variations. Besides the roadster CB500F and trail CB500X, family sports here.

No big revolution: aesthetically , the CBR500R is very close to the CB500F , since it is Differentiated by its fairing , inspired sports brand , and his two half- handlebars Slightly -modifying the driving position. Recall That The family of CB500 , Produced in Thailand , has-beens specifically designed for the new European A2 license Limiting the power to 35kW .

Typically powered by a twin line , operated by Honda since 1957 with Dream C70 , the CB500 still offers technical features Proving That The manufacturer has not mégoté quality architecture. The Triangle Formed by the axis of the crankshaft , primary transmission shaft and shaft balancing against That draws oven feet Equipping CBR RR , reflecting icts high compactness .

Honda CBR500R The Test Track

Honda CBR500R  Bikes

The six box aussi inspired by one of His glorious elders . Breech twin rocker shaft uses lightened rollers with adjustable valve clearance by pellets, the shape of pistons approach than CBR1000RR , with striped skirts Promoting lubrication. Housings Incorporate shirts thin- walled further Improving the compactness of a rigid block particularly , as also Contributes to the rigidity of the frame Itself .

The frame Mainly Consists of a robust twin- spar steel enclosing the engine block . Suspensions are Assigned to a conventional telescopic fork 41 mm , while the movement of the swing arm is steel Assigned to an articulated rods (Pro -Link ) monoshock . The brake uses a 320mm disc with dual- piston caliper and rear a 240 mm disc with single- piston caliper with ABS .
Race Approved

Honda CBR500R The Test Track

Honda CBR500R Bikes

Confident In Their product, Honda CBR500R has selected to create the European Junior Cup, a formula designed to reveal and Develop talented young drivers , Have you can express Their donation of Some opening rounds of the FIM Superbike World Championship.

These youngsters (14 to 19 ) from around the world is incumbent riding identiques machines Differing Model ” stock ” Mainly by Öhlins suspension , a pot LeoVince , remote controls and Some Other specific ” racing” ( handlebars bracelets , body parts.

It Does not take much to find a Specialized Some colleagues magazine well known on the tour Mettet , at the same time Bringing our three fraternal twins  history of track gauge CBR, and His sisters confront the countryside and the city !

Honda CBR500R The Test Track

Honda CBR500R Bikes

Started under low and unpleasant rain sky , the day was Quickly Transformed into real pleasure with the return of the sun . The tarmac runway , dry Quickly , allowed us to file the footrest Carefully Placed definitely too low .

Wise, effective goal

Our ” R ” enchanted ears with the roar , goal deaf Measured pot Akrapovic dug in the accessories catalog . The engine , very linear power delivery in its , However , Does not Lack of Good Will , Accepting high speeds without Qualms . Not what “fart a time” with His limited power (the speed at the end of line Hardly exceeded 150 km / h ) , aim for healthy behavior and reassuring little bored on the track Mettet .

You are Granted It Would probably not odd on the fast road Francorchamps ! Nothing to say here : Allows the bike all improvisations, and has Sufficient braking bite and consistency for enquiller period . These observations apply to the aussi F and X , very comfortable on the track also. It comes to thinking That this sporting Version Could Be more radical in terms of driving position with a pair of lower handlebars and rearsets ( and Recorded !) History to better show icts difference .

The rest of the day a little tempers this review Decided : it Welcomes the versatility of a small sports car That shows friendly and easy going on the road and odd in the city . The driving position is tilted Indeed little more to the forehead Than That offert by the CB500F with handlebars Located only A Few centimeters below .

Honda CBR500R The Test Track

Honda CBR500R Bikes

Nothing so far , and we can Understand the choice of Honda offers to His sports a nice facility daily . The fairing has A Relatively limited protection , but well enough to Consider long courses without actual fatigue, as it remains open to opt for a more generous spirit in the list of available accessories .
Suspensions, effective on the track , maintain maintenance comfort on the open road , while the engine failing to be voluntary particularly expressive , can hold own its in all Circumstances . Like its sisters , the CBR500R is as an ideal first emery bike .

Easy to Understand , It Will reassure the novice rider with a natural behavior , reasonable power and braking above reproach , while a seasoned biker rediscover the pleasures of a simple, lightweight motorcycle .

We were torn Between the R and X , both, more versatile than the F. And this is not the price That Will Force the decision  both are displayed on  5.990.

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