Honda CBF 1000 F-ABS Mini Mille Aim It Is The Maximum

Honda CBF 1000 F-ABS

Honda CBF 1000 F-ABS Bikes Pictures

Honda CBF 1000 Gives us with His latest model Honda ‘s all good , thought , successful , effective. Some motorcycles sccm obvious . The Honda CBF 1000 F Among Them . Yet , at first glance , it Does not leave a lasting impression. Discreet ” on her own ” balanced Certainly , but not really sexy or revolutionary . A very classic look, already seen as very close to the CBF 600 All which itself was already in discretion.

The only difference lies in assembling the steering head with the tank, and the addition of an exhaust on the left side . Only boldness to this bike for like ( or not to displease !) The greatest number, a metallic orange livery Bombay the best effect . For the rest , the Honda CBF 1000 F is a mature audience , more sensitive to the discretion and efficiency everyday than a flashy style and not always functional.

From Honda CBF 600 to Honda CBF 1000

Honda CBF 1000 F-ABS

Honda CBF 1000 F-ABS Bikes Photos

If the CBF 600 F is already showing Many qualities and intelligence , goal it is served ( like all fours 600) by a motor unattractive , at least in the purpose for All which motorcycles Such is intended. These 600 are hollow and expressionless to a too high speed for running on road use. Nothing like that in the case of the Honda CBF 1000 F.

The engine comes from the Honda CBF 1000 , fortunately revisited to lose power and torque gain. Successful mission. If the figure of 98 hp Seems disappointing thesis in times of inflation, the feeling shoulds appeal to many . Ample for normal use , the cavalry is exploitable and rewarding in every circumstance . The CBF 1000 F Showed a healthy at all times , never put His driver in difficulty , or Otherwise frustrate.

Honda CBF 1000 Just Fit

Evidence is the watchword of the Honda CBF 1000. From the grip from the first period , the printing of the driver has having always known , always ride , Regardless of experience. Its size , Rather Measured by descent ” 600 ” does not Suggests a respectable weight of 228 kg dry , or 252 kg fully fueled.
This mass , Seems All which is huge and scare Could very misleading : Any Time at the driver perceives . Honda has taken the concept “just fit” the Honda CBF 1000 F derived, namely the possibility to the bike suited to all body types thanks to the adjustable seat height to three positions , the Ability to advance or retreat the handlebar reversing ” risers ” and two adjustable bubble heights . All settings make the CBF thesis available to all.

And in fact , once in the saddle , hard not to feel good . The weak capacity of the tank of Honda CBF 1000 (19 liters ) , one of the Few faults of the machine here Becomes an advantage by allowing the legs to grip the bike better. Result of this bike intelligently Developed from 600 , it shows a balance and amazing agility , and the real weight of this bike feels at Any Time.
Honda CBF 1000: CBS- ABS

Honda CBF 1000 F-ABS

Honda CBF 1000 F-ABS Bikes Images

gile frame and balanced , powerful and progressive braking engine above reproach with the CBS- ABS system . To recall , When the brake pedal is Actuated , the CBS system That Equips the CBF the rear brake control goal aussi the central piston of Each stirrup forehead three pistons, valve via a distribution. As for external caliper pistons Before They are conventionally operated by a rise on the right pressure . In addition to the CBS, the Honda CBF 1000 has ( optional , do not hesitate !) The exceptional offert insurance provided by the ABS.

The smaller primer wheel lock of Honda CBF 1000 ( Revealed Appears When a speed difference Between the two wheels ) leads to the system sponds extremely Rapidly ( 5x per second) on the pressure exerted by the brackets on the disks . This procedure helps maintain maintenance optimum braking power and to Ensure a smooth and efficient braking without locking the wheels.

A must for Who intends to ride the Honda CBF 1000 in Any weather . This ease of operation is supported by a real engine certification. Then what can be used as a cavalry Which Appears only in a narrow range of high speed and Placed on a motorcycle designed to Satisfy the greatest number and the greatest scenarios?
Honda CBF 1000 Torque

Instead , Honda CBF 1000 torquey engine from low revs Gives Such approval , Such a pleasure at all times , at no time Did the pilot regret the choice of the manufacturer . This engine is ble to leave without flinching from icts idle (1000 rpm / min in 6th !) Until the red area. At 2500 rpm , we feel once again take the bulk of the cavalry tumbling Between 5,000 and 8,000 rev / min.

Honda CBF 1000 F-ABS

Honda CBF 1000 F-ABS Nice Bikes Pictures

Needless to say That You Will Never worry about Knowing what to report or what diet you are on . A single twist of the throttle and you leave . What happiness , really! The frame of the Honda CBF 1000 , barely retouched , never wanting . Agile , agile and accurate in all situations , he shows a remarkable stability to the Highest speed is around 240 km / h anyway.Honda CBF 1000 Few Defects

Difficult to find fault with this Any smart bike . Not ugly , if not spectacular , healthy and balanced , maneuverable and steady , powerful Being without violent and reassuring at all times with one of the best braking systems on the market , Honda CBF 1000 relatively comfortable and suitable for all body types shown in a very Measured rate ( € 8.990 with ABS) at the price of finish May be a little light , we can not blame him trifles.

Among ’em , a chain drive of ( for Lack of a gimbal , why not build him a less tedious to maintain maintenance belt ) or Somewhat Reduced autonomy . Our consumption has fluctuated Between 6.75 and 7.75 liters per 100 . With 19 liters in the tank of Honda CBF 1000, you -have to stop every 250 km , before you do you’re tired.

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