Honda CB500X

The CB500X is a real novelty in the Honda range. Like its sisters CB 500 F and CBR500R, although its capacity and cost are reasonable, it always seems to be rewarding when the handlebars.

Honda CB500X

Honda CB500X Bikes Pictures

Moreover, the small “X” gets many features of the flagship what Crosstourer 1200. This high CB500 on paws, she really stands out in the Honda range?

The new CB 500 X can not deny his relationship with Crosstourer on the front. The back and the bottom of the bike, however, are very similar to other CB500. We find the famous nose, around the lighthouse in black plastic and a plunging V-shaped optical with the bluish upper corners.

On top, a small windshield protects us with moderate elements. This is set at two heights (+ / – 4 cm) but only with a tool. Lack of tools and time, only the top position was attempted, a position that does not protect the head when doing 1m80 but turns nice for a part of the bust and minimizes turbulence at high speed.

Honda CB500X

Honda CB500X Bikes Photos

CB500 each having a color dashboard is amber for X! Like its sisters, the dashboard is legible and includes the time, the gauge and even information on consumption.

Tank 17.3 liters (just over 2 liters more than the F) is broad enough to protect the knees and can still gain autonomy. A large X decorates a far less discreet than the Crosstourer.

In line, the saddle is here in one piece unlike those of F and R. The slightly elevated passenger benefits from two large handles either too low or too far back to keep staying quite right.

The fire is the same as the 3 CB500 chrome muffler with his black cap, and the orders footrest. As the F, the engine is clearly visible including two small “eyes” at the top as a historical reminder to CB. The skid plate collectors is more important due to the orientation Trail of the machine even if it is not really.

A trail on paper but a road to use
In the saddle, the X seems less smaller than the F and R. Two reasons for this, the whole tank / fork head has much more imposing proportions: one feels riding a large displacement even if this is not the case. Then, the machine is slightly higher with specific suspension to larger displacements than the other two CB 500.

Honda CB500X

Honda CB500X Bikes Images

The seat rises to 810 mm, 25 more than his two sisters, the ground clearance gains 15 mm F and wheelbase increases slightly from 1.410 to 1.420 m. The big guys are more comfortable and the handlebars even if this machine does not claim to be great to enjoy. This trail is accessible to all.

The 17-inch wheels are totally against for road use with reasonable tire widths of 120 and 160 (the Scorpion Trail as the Crosstourer and Crossrunner) to increase the maneuverability of the machine.

The triangle handlebars, seat and footrest allows a very natural base is maintained effortlessly over the miles. The maneuverability of the machine is excellent even at very low speed. At a high enough rate, it knows to change the angle and turns effortlessly stable and secure.

En route, the key word is trust. Braking (ABS version only available in France) is effective and easily measurable if not biting on taking the lever, but it is suitable for use.

Two dark spots are to be met: the soft rear suspension too hard cash cuts and can make a small oscillation effect in some sequences of turns, and very limited ground clearance with footrest affecting too quickly on such motorcycle. Probably another suspension tuning can improve these two points.

Honda CB500X

Honda CB500X Nice  Bikes Pictures

For the rest, you can enjoy the same (new) engine on the other CB500. Ultra linear and meet the exact specifications of the new A2 license, it is very easy to handle and not surprising.

For a good look at the terrain, it will however not hesitate to change reports to always keep a fairly high engine speed (7500 r / min or more). This does not mean we are bored to handle the contrary, because the X shines with its agility and ease of driving. We drive a long time without fatigue or fear, and having fun. Admittedly, the recipe works quite well.

Balance Sheet
Honda has applied the same logic to its industrial CB500 for its NC700. However, the purpose is different because we are still here on cost reduction but with conventional machines put all hands and not in a kind of cultural revolution driving.

The CB500X is the last link of the trio arrived in 2013 CB500 which it shares many features. The X stands with an image more “big bike” by 17.3 L tank and steering head mainly, as well as the dimensions that are suitable for big guys even better if the children are welcome.

As Crosstourer whose style inspires openly, it can be widely accessorized and we must admit that its easy grip makes you want to go a long walk to the handlebars. Apart from its stunning suspension and ground clearance somewhat limited, X is above all a nice machine that should make you want to run at all.

Whether strolling or for fun, ultra-linear motor seems to satisfy all situations without excess but with just what it takes to find a little happiness. Its reduced to € 5,990, the same price as the CBR500R and 400 euros more than the CB500F, can enjoy a trail to do without breaking the bank above the competition can not compete price.

The KLE 500 is no longer in the catalog, we must aim higher with such a Suzuki V-Strom 650 or a Kawasaki Versys 650 which are certainly more dynamic but also more expensive with 2,009 and 1,609 euros respectively over.

– Image rather rewarding
– Ergonomics and handling
– Easy Operation

– Rear suspension too soft
– Limited ground clearance
– Protection of the windshield

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