Honda CB500F The Virtues Of Modesty

Honda CB500F

Honda CB500F Bikes Pictures

There Was a time, all the old blunderbusses Will confirm, Where a displacement of 500cc was dreaming! Have Such a wide cube fell on the outcome. We are away for a while and it’s patronizing Almost as other bikers perched on Their wide, big expensive cars now look at thesis “pétrolettes!” Mistake Given the proven riding motorcycles thesis modest pleasure!Everything goes well for Honda, thank you , with over sixteen million two- wheelers sold worldwide , Including 1.3 million in China and 12.3 million in Asia and Oceania . Add to this 2 million for South America  and we Realize that there are only peanuts for Japan ( 220,000) , the United States ( 190,000 ) and the Remaining 280 000 for Europe Middle East and Africa . Needless to say our Concerns Europeans do not weigh in the balance Heavily !

Honda CB500F

Honda CB500F Bikes Photos

Honda CB500F

Honda CB500F Bikes Images

Purpose When a country like Thailand is Progressing , it is time to offer a bike icts Inhabitants more ” upscale ” than small ” mopeds ” flooding the market , and more realistic and reachable unaffordable motorcycles we know , VFR, and other CBR 1000 Goldwing in mind . Do not look any further the genesis of the CB500 . And if , as a bonus , it can bring happiness to Some Europeans seeking alternative motorcycles, cheap and easy to approach , why not?BC family
Immediately Declined His Honda CB500 with a Range of three models : the basic CB500F before us , sport CB500R All which aussi Will serve as a single- brand competition , and finally a trail , the CB500X . “F ” is Ideally Positioned as a first bike, Especially as His power limited to 48 hp , opened the doors of the new A2 license. Aesthetically very loosely based on the CB1000R , the 500 hectares was glad template suitable for putting everyone at ease , a concern Honda That Has Made a specialty .
Part of the CB , made ​​of steel , benefits from engine to full icts rigidity , the suspensions are Assigned to a conventional fork diameter of 41 mm and a monoshock adjustable progressive Pro- Link- type adjustable preload nine positions. The 17 -inch wheels receive gums 120/70 and 160/60 . Braking is , entrusted to a 320mm disc at the forehead with a dual- piston caliper and a 240mm disc and single – piston caliper at the rear .
Mechanical Unprecedented: The engine , completely Call new architecture shows the classic vertical twin facing the road . Stalled at 180 ° , It Has eight valves and two camshafts head , liquid cooling and injection PGM -FI. The engine is designed in a very compact Manner, with the avowed objective of the best performance and economy Between compromised .

The maximum torque rises to 43 Nm at 7000 rev / min , power of 48 hp at max rpm is Achieved of 8,500 rev / min . Proposed  5.690 with ABS, CB500F is viable financially prices SH300 scooter to stay with the same manufacturer , 100 € more expensive than Kawasaki Ninja 300 without ABS, Which Gives an idea of the extent of potential customers icts . Also interesting to note of NC700 That Does not load an additional strength of  300 for a sum definition all very close .
Pocket bike
If the CB500 May sccm tiny Existing Compared to many bikes, this feature Has the merit to reassure beginners or the slender MOST of us . All Will feel at home aboard the small Honda spares Have you no bread to show sexy .

Honda CB500F

Honda CB500F Nice Bikes Pictures

Rather if successful line revolutionize the genre, DESPITE Careful single materials and Some invasive plastic finish dashboard minimalist goal of full information , average fuel consumption : such as , instant, a luxury not granted yet Integra  2,000 more expensive. Of course , no miracle , swingarm Merely steel levers are not adjustable, the goal frankly small CB Does not “cheap junk” , far from it , and our enriched Some accessories CB500F (Cover saddle licks rear wheel , the front fender carbon look Review: had a severe look great in black racy goal .A bike
Handlebar , fun to sneak into town with the agility of a bike forward , Especially as the engine Demonstrated Good Will obvious from low revs . Being delicate with the throttle , it is feasible to roll on the upper reports from 2000 to 2500 rev / min . This ease is confirmed on the road , with the pleasure of dominating a light and easy-going motorcycle .
The smoothness of the engine is fully perceives here , arriving regular power Throughout the rev range. We would -have preferred a fuller torque curve at low revs , All which is found on the NC700 .

Honda CB500F

Honda CB500F Nice Bikes Photos

This is probably what the Will tip balance in favor of one or the other: a smooth engine and electric temperament was wide rpm Range for the CB , or a solid couple on a beach diet more Reduced for the NC, a little like the turbo – That our cars diesel engines -have Accustomed us .The decision time The sound very reassuring roadholding , while Providing real comfort . Only a rhythm ” agitated ” on small roads deformed May reach the limits of relaxation May be too little restrained , purpose Those That ” agitated ” Will probably turn to other machines! Nothing to say for braking , easy and reassuring with ABS . So Ideally , the CB500F ?

Almost ! It shoulds undoubtedly perfect for beginners , leave Some On Their most  Experienced hunger May deplore a character polished engine more than Necessary , and finally They are probably fishing due to Lack of practical aspects for Those Who come from the scooter world . Some prefer it NC700 May , only more expensive , altho with malignant His fake tank able of swallowing a full and Offering a very different character driven.

What We May not remove it , However , is its perfect demonstration Often That It is wise to settle for a small, easy to live in all Circumstances motorcycle !

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