Honda CB500F and CBR500R

The response to the new A2 license Does not Have to wait on the side of Honda. The Japanese automaker is, in effect, with icts famous crest Declined in CB500 CB500F and CBR500R versions.

Honda CB500F

Honda CB500F Bikes Pictures

The new A2 license is Accompanied by the return of medium displacement while the market is oriented in recent years to 750 and 800 cm3. The popular CB 500, the latest release CBF 500 was ADOPTED in 2005, was powered by a parallel twin. The difficulty economic environment of the past five years aussi pushing to turn to machinery with a good relationship betweens the use and price. Maybe more passion than reason.

Honda NC700 with 3 machines produced on the same technical BASIS has gone ahead and Renewing experience with 3 CB500. The trail CB500X, sports roadster CBR500R and the CB500F, the lathing taking up the torch Time of the Old illustrious predecessor.

Honda CB500F

Honda CB500F Bikes Photos

As for the car, this platform approach Reduces costs Because share major components as the frame or engine, while supplier providing a variety of machines. More so for three thesis CB500 since MOST parts come from Thailand.

If the idea of ​​the CB500F is identiques to elder icts, icts realization is a little different. The CBR500R is for icts share a real novelty.
A machine for ultra-available
The CBR500R shares everything with CB500F outside course of his cowl and a slight change in the driving position. The wheelbase, seat height and position of the footrest are identical. The changes are only on the handlebars which is less than 49 mm high and 40 mm narrower on R.

The handlebars thereof, the bust is a little more forward and ease any maneuver when in town. F is much easier in the city even if R is not a real worry. Certainly there is no shroud on F, but of all R is more aesthetic than really effective ways. It gives a different spirit to the machine but does not prove large enough at the knees and the low height of the windshield spares neither the torso or head measuring 1.80m.

A line nothing changes between the two machines. The engine is virtually no vibration and distills shows ultra linear. The easy wins that fun lost in comparison with the previous CB 500. Do not hesitate to keep the engine beyond 7,500 rpm / min to maintain a good pace under penalty raises difficult. You must use the best box for driving a little intense.

Honda CB500F

Honda CB500F Bikes Images

At low speeds, the Honda is very handy. En route, its ease gives confidence to the secondary network and provide some confidence for beginners to handle. The more experienced probably regret the loss of tone of the former, probably a more appropriate ER6n by its slightly higher capacity but also by a little more player engine.

For the rest, both in terms of suspensions as braking, the compromise between comfort and good discipline. The CB500 shows perfectly homogeneous. In France, the new CB 500 F is available with ABS. Anyway, it turns out as probably one of the easiest to pick up machines.
balance Sheet
With 3 CB 500, which our CB500F and CBR500R, Honda takes the industrial principle initiated with the NC700 to launch three bikes with a common platform with the frame, engine and numerous features.

The big news with the return of the CB500 is especially the revival of displacements lost with the arrival of the new A2 license. Thus, the CB 500 saw. A more modern design, a complete equipment and a new engine are planned for this novelty.

As with his eldest, there is a very easy to grip, with a very natural position and accessible to all motor. The difference is that the small side “fun” that existed at the handlebar is not actually present. The new twin is ultra-linear and very reassuring chassis.

Honda-CB500F-and-CBR500R (3)
Perfect to get your feet wet, the 500 is probably a bit frustrating for those who already saw the rebirth Cup. With nearly a dozen horses less than before, the new CB 500 responds to a permit (A2) and a need to consume less. Honda also announced 3.7 liters per 100 km, slightly revalued during the test to be carried between 5 and 5.5 liters per 100 km displayed on the dashboard.

The CB 500 is a rational machine that meets a specific need. The passionate side lies more in the CBR 500 R with its aesthetics, the motor and the dynamics are strictly identical. R is that of the European Junior Cup for young drivers aged 14 to 19. The one and the other are only available with ABS. F is 5.590 euros, R 5.990 euros.

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