Honda CB 1100: A Retro-Style Motorcycle

Honda CB 1100 pays tribute to the legendary CB 750 Four, but its driving characteristics are those of a modern machine.

Motorcycle as self, is the time for nostalgia. In times of crisis, remember the successful seventies is probably comforting. To transpose on two wheels the success of the Mini and Fiat 500, Honda had the great idea to revive the spirit of the CB 750 Four. While the CB 1100 arrives after Triumph Bonneville and Kawasaki W 800, but it has the advantage of being inspired by the iconic “fours”.

Many bikers, who once owned a 750 CB will find pleasures not so old-fashioned. In these times of repression or any excess cash to pay a machine distilling another pleasure that provided by performance, is its sole justification. Honda France has also given us have recorded 400 preorders CB 1100. A beautiful beginning of their careers, especially as prospective buyers had to choose from a single picture.

They will not be disappointed by the reality. When we finally discovered, 1100 CB exudes a presence, that is not its first images had suggested. Its proportions are rewarding, they are those of a large displacement, and borrowed from the small CB 400 Four in 1975, such as the angular tank and exhaust manifold wave, avoid simple copy and paste would have him drew the ire of fans CB 750. Although it gives the illusion of having been designed in the seventies, the CB 1100 is a brand new machine.

A Four-Cylinder Line Highlighted

Honda CB 1100

Honda CB 1100 Bikes Pictures

Unfortunately, this is true when we approach a little closer. Some parts like headlights, side covers or the sprocket gearbox output are made vulgar plastic. Mudguards fortunately right of chromed steel. It also applauded for flawless presentation of inline four-cylinder. Design an air-cooled engine oil from the current emission standards was already a performance. And besides, it’s beautiful! The designers have given it thin cooling fins and they made sure that his head protrudes slightly from each side of the tank. From the cockpit, it’s worth the look. Only restriction, drivers over 1.80 m may have knees in the engine.

The seat is low (795 mm), the natural position and, despite a Kerb weight of 248 kg, the first 1100 meters covered with this give the illusion of being in control of a 600 motorcycle school. What balance! This is a good Honda. Honda also typically the engine or rather the lack of engine temperament. With its 90 hp, block 1100 BC, derived from the CB 1300 is plenty powerful, but delivers little sensations. The fans kick in the c … will be disappointed. However, its extreme flexibility, its mounted linear regime and the softness of the gearbox will appeal to lovers of mechanical refined. Only real regret, the sound emitted by the four in one is really any.

Easy to Register Turns

Honda CB 1100

Honda CB 1100 Bikes Photos

The chassis? With a double cradle steel frame, combined conventional shock absorbers and 18-inch wheels shod with narrow tires, we do not expect miracles. Yet we were quite impressed by the rigor of the whole. A 1100 CB never compete with CB 1000 R roadster on a mountain trail, but its driving characteristics are able to fill most of the bikers. Reference to the past is no longer valid here. The CB 1100 is healthy and it reassures its driver. Easy to register and turns extremely stable on the angle, it also has the advantage of having a front and rear brake system with ABS handset that can correct many errors.

The CB 1100 is an attractive machine. It combines the charm of an old road bike with mechanical efficiency and reliability of a bike today. A tasty cocktail sold at a high price: € 10,990. In front, there is a Yamaha XJR 1300, much cheaper (€ 9,499) and has a more expressive engine, but its chassis is dated. Honda will also offer a range of accessories to customize miss CB 1100, further enhancing its appeal to those who appreciate the exclusivity.


  • Engine: 4 cyl. line 16-valve 1,140 cm3
  • Power: 90 hp at 7,500 r / min
  • Maximum torque: 93 Nm at 5,000 r / min
  • Transmission: 5-speed gearbox + chain
  • Tank: 14.6 l
  • Kerb Weight: 248 kg
  • Consumption: 5.5 l/100 km
  • Maximum speed: 190 km / h (limited)
  • Price: € 10,990
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