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Harley Davidson

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It is, as always, with great pleasure Abebooks web take a Harley, and always with a little curiosity Abebooks web wonder if Will Prove it irresistible or irritating.If the offer of the American manufacturer Seems bloated at first sight , it only revolver around five model families : Sportster , Dyna , Softail , Touring and V- Rod. Within thesis families are available whenever will a half – dozen variants ( except for the V- Rod) , Some much more ( or less !) Successful than others .

Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson Bikes Photos

The Dyna family is Characterized by a compact frame ( for a Harley means) , aimed All which hosts the big twin, 103ci ( 1690cc ) for the Switchback , other Dyna Merely the 96CI ( 1584cc ) . Result : The ” potato” of the big twin in a lighter and more maneuverable frame . We keep a background memory of the Dyna Sport, Which Went straight to the point with a spare style and geometry close to European Concerns, Unfortunately missing from the catalog .Splits: The Switchback , Appeared this year , the splits Trying Between the character and the Dyna call to travel the Touring range. Stylistically , the Switchback takes a recount on the Street Glide, goal nacelle headlight and windscreen drawing inspiration from the Roadking Classic.

We -have seen worse as references , and the result is quite successful and balanced . Black our test bike , very severe , and lacking in appeal Makes it much justice. Wheels , beautiful , inspired by the famous American Racing wheels ( Mustang Bullitt in !) . We love it! In addition , extremely easy to clean.

Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson Bikes Images

Chosen riding is reasonable , with a 130/70X18 for forehead and rear for a 160/70X17 . Remain at the wheels to Note That The braking (with ABS) Front Merely a disc .Look Touring or Custom? To resemble a Touring, the Switchback donations fenders very enveloping , two rigid suitcases , only one goal HAS exhaust outlet , right . What bring a lump of fresh butter left in the bag , if you walk on the side of Echiré ! On balance , the Switchback is Given to 330kg , making Nearly 40kg in her big sisters ” Touring” .

The big selling point of the Dyna Switchback is icts proposal ” two-in -one . ” With this bike, you -have a Touring fit to travel with her bags and windshield . You aussi -have a very desirable custom in less than two minutes , the time to remove the windshield and bags . The windshield snaps on oven supports discreetly fixed on Either side of the lighthouse at the top of the fork , while the suitcases reveal , once opened , a button That just a quarter turn to turn “drag ” the suitcases out of Their sockets, three small Placed on the studs discretely swords holding the fender and bottom of it

Harley Davidson

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.Limit: Childish to handle , the purpose bags offer only paltry capacity and no handle can be worn Easily , do not expect to lug around with you arrived at the course. L’invitation au voyage begins to confess His limitations with the low capacity of the luggage  it was confirmed with the windshield All which causes strong swirl at the headset When the pace is accelerating .

As a misfortune never comes alone , footrests and rejected before the mini Ape Hanger handlebars put your ass to torture. Feet first fight against wind pressure and offer no medium to relieve the weight of the body . We tired Quickly aboard the Switchback , altho the location HAS Improved a bit at low speeds.

Remain in critical with the shift lever just a branch , one wonders why , and handlebar controls with handles still thick and wealthy non- adjustable levers . Ladies , how do you ride a Harley? Another criticism ? Braking , Harley Typically leaves us a bit to be Desired , with a toothless crying , ABS with little discrete interventions .

Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson Nice Bikes Photos

The feeling: Okay, enough spit in the soup , just in the positive points. The big block distills a lot of vibration, filtered just right for mounting on silent- blocks.

Torque 126 Nm works wonders and Gives the tempo of a cast and relaxed driving, so nice to use. Anyway , the brakes and the ground clearance give no desire to attack , while the frame Provides Blameless behavior , race -combining Rigorous Held a welcome maneuverability .

This beautiful Machine has , however , neither the charm nor the approval of bigger brothers , much more compelling to play the Great Tourism .

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