Harley-Davidson Cross Bones Black Jacket

Harley will always have a special taste and style of their own, the Cross Bones probably should express the most radical in the range of U.S. manufacturer manner.Harley-Davidson-Cross-Bones-Black-JacketDetail purpose the beast a little closer . Long as a day without bread , coffee , apart from the amazing foresight  ape hanger, who throws His hands to shoulder height .

A sculptural fork Springer, in the purest style prewar holds a chunky wheel 16 inches , while the rear wheel 17 inch flange 200 supports a wide Sees and topped with a Bobtail fender stripped since only a magnificent solo seat spring surmounts to give replica ” old school”to the fork . Our Cross Bones is adorned with matte black , Black Denim, on the tank and mudguards . All other Elements , covered with shiny black , give the whole a very neat and elegant style .

Black Desire
It is only detailing what is before your eyes rolling : the handlebar and Its bridges, the beautiful little round headlight in which one can not resist to admire the tank console. This shiny black still extends over the frame , fork , rim seal radiated media fenders Front and rear , horseshoe oil tank , air filter box , horn , decks footrest half -moon.
From black still on the motor , accented with chrome cylinder heads and crankcases .Even a touch of chrome exhausts and Springer fork springs for good measure , and do not forget the detail that kills : the small logo adorns skull That the right side of the oil tank under the saddle !
Ape hanger
Harley purpose is not happy to be viewed , it calls the trip! If the seat is very low particularly inviting , our ” European” Hardly hands -have a habit of clinging to a handlebar so high and you’d better -have pretty long legs to comfortably rest your feet on the foot rest thrown away forward .
Surprisingly position Raises fears the worst on the road . And yet and yet , as always , the magic is . Magic and talent of engineers Milwaukee, arriving to launch on the market of motorcycles That roll so well, without seeming to touch. For the miracle occurred in the early period , Where the weight ( consequent! ) of the beast as if by magic Disappears .
Old School
No need to further describe the approval of the Twin Cam 96B block, equipped with a swing for rigid mounting in the box : Powerful without ostentation, It Makes you want to roll on the couple and move on faster six overs for ” cruiser ” was light throttle . Comfort , unexpected at first glance , owes a lot to the saddle , and rear suspensions flexible  despite  limited clearances .
Springer fork Admired His work with chrome springs gently swaying in the lighthouse , the rhythm of the road imperfections. A real treat! Well , okay, she allowed on icts limits Quickly and Easily slams , we aim forgive him Quickly as she is beautiful! The driving position is shown by Demanding against . You get used to high handlebars , aim it takes all the wind in the face , and feet thrown forward Does not really help Especially the right leg on its way bulky air filter .
Harley-Davidson-Cross-Bones-Black-Jacket.Born to be wild
No need here for cruise control , we maintain maintenance a reasonable pace without worry! For the rest , we find the well- Milwaukee men of established expertise.Motorcycles sleek , Offering a real driving pleasure , Despite The usual faults mark as thick handles , non- adjustable levers , ground clearance really too limited a front brake weakling or sometimes capricious find neutral . Few things in short to be ble to ride different, but still rolling .
We admit , the Cross Bones is more comfortable than it looks , and if the front brake can show “limit ” must learn to use the rear brake without moderation , as in ; many of More Harley, nothing disturbing in fact Good. And as long as you adopt a smooth driving, the Cross Bones will prove quite effective on the road . Far from Being clumsy , the Cross Bones love to be led on the couple, drawing the landscape at Their Own pace , a rhythm to the old One where the driver took his time , time to go back in time to the handlebar a timeless icon , odd ahead of his time by the serenity and relaxation brings his driving .
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