Electric Scooters Test Govecs Comparo Scooters

The power is everywhere ! In development for several years now , electric vehicles also Will grow well in the automotive sector with the Renault Zoe and BMW i3 That side of motorized two- wheelers and motorcycles with other Zero Motorcycles Scooters BMW C Evolution .

Electric Scooters Test Govecs Comparo Scooters

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However, if one focuses on the sales figures of the scooter market , we realize that the phenomenon remains stalled Largely ,despite an offer that continued to grow .

Malthus , dirty electric scooters equivalent to 50 and 125 Represent only 1.17 % of sales and 50 125 cm3 scooters. The challenges faced by the power to impose it comes from a Lack of machinery performance or is it the result of a priori too pronounced Among urban users ? We tried a Range of electric scooters Govecs to see a little more clearly.


Govecs The Range Consists of four models equivalent to 50 cm3 and 125 cm3 thermal , all sharing the same frame and are distinguished only by color and Their column traction. Aesthetically , the modern and sleek scooter has lines . Larger than 50 classic , it also compact than a 125 and is more in the template Yamaha D’ elight and other Honda their purpose flat floor .

The wide dual seat Appears two gray and black tones separated by a colored border . The Lack of muffler can enjoy the swing arm . To be Differentiated contents, each model has specific color adorns that mirrors , wheels , motor , belt guard or the Reasons for the fairing .

Electric Scooters Test Govecs Comparo Scooters

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Blue is Attributed to S1.4 , S2.4 and S3.4 to green to red , the 125 equivalent . Overall , the level of finish is clean enough altho Some materials used Does not offer the most attractive appearance . Here , there is no frills but the work is pretty well done .


Altho compact , not necessarily the govecs is very available for all drivers . Nestled at 790 mm , the fairly wide saddle Could pose some problems for smaller riders when it Comes to put your feet on the ground . However, the heaviest model Reaches only 120 pounds , so the carried out the maneuvers Without any difficulty .

The stalks are wide enough and all fall only under the thumbs .The analog meter displays clear and legible speed and load level . The dashboard Also has a battery indicator and a total / partial trip . Note That The display Does not Suffer from the glare of the sun .


It is in the most total rushes silent scooter Govecs . The manufacturer has also thought of Installing a safety to Prevent accidental starting . In the complete lack of noise , Indeed difficulty to tell if the engine is running . The driver is therefore Obliged to pass switch to “off ” before turning “on” for the scooter starts .

Electric Scooters Test Govecs Comparo Scooters

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The acceleration is linear and completely Call without brutality . This observation is true for particularlyY S1.4 and S2.4 equivalent to 50 cm3 thermal . So we Quickly Reached 47 km / h on the clock .The S3.4 offers turnover fishing with equal fluidity goal helps to Identify Easily the more traffic at a red light . Quickly and Easily Reached Malthus 80 km / h . Conversely , two 50 are limited by Their fast approval .

Question maneuverability , the Govecs are real bikes . With a total weight from 100 kg to 120 kg and a low center of gravity , electric scooters thesis three -have a remarkable agility . For Their hand, the brakes Provide Sufficient teeth to meet the power and stop the engine without locking the wheels . The Entire Range is equipped with an eco fashion to limit the torque . This device really find icts usefulness on the 125 if the road is slippery .

This is probably one of the weak point of the Govecs electric range. If the driving position is right and natural , black dots tarnish the table. Malthus , the saddle would have benefited from a little more flexible , Because Effective year hour of driving, firmness begins to be felt . Question hardness , suspensions aussi know a lot. The single rear shock is a foolproof rigidity and Transmits to perfection defects and bumps in the road . The cobbled streets are absolutely forbidden .


Practical side , the Govecs S1.4 , S2.4 and S3.4 are the minimum service. The deck is devoid of purpose Any storage HAS against by a 12V cigarette lighter socket Useful and a hook . The under- seat storage capacity has Gained in relation to this vintage and now displays a capacity of 10 liters . Specifically it is feasible to Accommodate a helmet jet Provided That The visor is Sufficiently small .

Electric Scooters Test Govecs Comparo Scooters

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We will not speak here of consumption goal autonomy . Because That Is The major concern of electric vehicles. S2.4 and S3.4 scooters are equipped with the same Lithium polymer battery 3 kilowatts / h. Less energy , the S2.4 has ranks of about 80 km , while the equivalent 125 is just 60 km .

The S1.4 is the only model in the ranks to be fitted with a removable battery . The lath is based on the same technology was l halved for everyday use. Indeed , batteries 3kW / h still show 30 kg on the scales . That of S1.4 his side down to 17 kg . Weight loss , loss of purpose aussi performance. Two times lighter , the extractable battery has twice less autonomy .

In terms of load contents, each scooter includes a charger . 5m cable is mounted in the trunk and can be recharged from AC outlet Any . Note That broad in cities , conventional 220- volt power outlets are Multiplying like Paris Where They are now present on Some Velib and Autolib terminals . The S1.4 is on his side with an integrated charger and an external battery charger can be plugged That anywhere .


Fully Developed and assembled in Europe , scooters Govecs offer a alternative to urban heat scooters with comparable dynamic performance level goal limits the autonomy level real. Purpose it is above the purchase price All which remains a major obstacle to the expansion of this technology and despite Virtually Zero Maintenance costs and insurance prices Almost halved . Malthus , the S3.4 today is Struggling to Compete with the competition Because of its starting price at  6.830 against  2,000 for an equivalent thermal model as Yamaha D’ elight .

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