Ducati Hyperstrada: Natural Gallops Back

Bourgeois Ducati Hyperstrada? Yes, well … as much as her big sister Multistrada, that says it all!

Ducati Hyperstrada

Ducati Hyperstrada Bikes Pictures

For 2013, three models are available in “civilized” version: the Diavel, Multistrada and the famous Hyperstrada tried here.


Long preserved in pure sportsmanship, Bolognese brand for a while trying to get rid of this monoculture without sacrificing its exclusivity. And a production of 40,000 motorcycles per year, which is two times less than BMW and KTM, and five or six times less than Harley.

It turns out, that it works: the Diavel and Multistrada, especially now among its best sellers. Suddenly, the idea of ​​the radical decline Hypermotard (to modest sales) but also the Diavel and Multistrada in versions more “public” was quite natural. But all this is very relative: Ducati is not still compete Gold Wing.

Ducati Hyperstrada

Ducati Hyperstrada Bikes Photos

Anyway, the approach is interesting, because almost unprecedented: that is the Husqvarna Nuda or Aprilia Dorsoduro, no rival of the Hypermotard has ventured to this route daily. Although the precedent of the KTM 990 SMT showed that the formula had potential …


Hyperstrada Under this name hides a chastened changing Hypermotard, boasting a record of 20 mm handlebars, a small windshield, more generous mudguards, a saddle less Spartan, a center stand, two 12V outlets and especially small soft bags of 25 liters each.

Beyond the single name Hyperstrada, reserved for this civilized version is also Hypermotard “basic” changing profoundly in 2013. We forget the old air-cooled block, 800 or 1100 cm3, 820 to adopt a variant of the Testastretta 11 ° cm3 liquid-cooled, which previously existed in 1200 cm3. Among the benefits of modernity, it should be noted among other intervals which are spaced substantially revised.

Ducati Hyperstrada

Ducati Hyperstrada Bikes Images

In harmony with this profound change, everything changes, starting with the frame, finally a decent tank capacity, but also the electronic staffing. Ducati was one of the first brands to offer a choice of engine mapping, and “small” Testastretta in benefits as large, with its accelerator “ride by wire”. Moreover, the setting options also extend to the determination of ABS and traction control.

Last appreciable change: fools handlebar end mirrors, which enormously increased the size of the machine, go into oblivion, replaced by simple mirrors rod.

Ducati Hyperstrada

Ducati Hyperstrada Nice Bikes Pictures


Hyperstrada, In there are chunks Hypermotard. We’ll quickly realize, when it gets on the machine: relatively high saddle and especially the feeling of sitting on the front wheel, elbows close to the body of the handlebar. Disguise “GT” will not deluded long. And just start the engine to complete to be convinced: in terms of discretion, the Ducati tradition – if the surrounding ears – is respected!

That said, as soon as it rolls and little thrown a veil on the relative inflexibility of the engine, we forget that first rough contact. Because Hyperstrada has lost none of its genes. From the first laps, this ultra-strong and ultra-player Machine identifies it as belonging to “superbikes.” This does not only have advantages: stability is by no means that of a real road, comfort either, despite suspensions treated, and we must face the facts, under makeup of reason, it is the fire of passion still smoldering.

This was soon confirmed, that the attack on a stretch of road well tortured. Like pure “super-sport” geometry “supermoto” do not like half-measures and Hyperstrada do not like undecided. Brake hard, accelerate frankly, yes, it’s his thing, and she excels especially as it can go, frankly, well protected by safeguards that are ABS and traction control. In contrast, transient phases and improvisations at partial load, inevitable on open road unknown, will be a little less to his liking. Reason to definitely not be seen as a “tourist”.

Ducati Hyperstrada

Ducati Hyperstrada Nice Bikes Pictures


Things are clear: no more than the clothes do make the man, suitcases do road. The Hyperstrada remains a pure sport, and in addition a pure Ducati, noisy hiccupping at low revs unaccomodating soft and smooth ride. So what? It has at least the merit of candor and consistency. The best way to consider is to see all that it offers, rather than anything she refuses: real gross efficiency, a unique experience and, more broadly, the driving impressions very rewarding for those who know the exploit strength.

Is its price. While BMW, Harley, KTM, Triumph and Aprilia above all seek – and succeed – to democratize access to Western motorcycles, Ducati is sticking to its elite field, justified by its presence, if the results at the highest levels of competition. Good for Audi , which now cash dividends, but this policy will she tenable long? One is tempted to say yes in the case of this Hyperstrada. It must indeed be admitted, it is a compromise that only sports-GT except her KTM 990 SMT is currently able to offer … also approximately the same rate.

Ducati Hyperstrada

Ducati Hyperstrada Nice Bikes Photos


  • Engine: L-Twin, liquid-cooled
  • Displacement: 821 cm3
  • Maximum power: 106 hp at 9250 r / min
  • Maximum torque: 89 Nm at 7750 r / min
  • Transmission: six-speed
  • Secondary transmission: chain
  • Tires: 120/70-17 and 180/55-17
  • Seat Height: 850 mm
  • Tank: 16 l
  • With full weight: 204 kg
  • Price: 12,790 euros
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