D’elight New Yamaha 125cc Scooter

The mark of the three tuning forks presented his new scooter 125cc Yamaha D’elight a compact scooter with a retro, affordable and announces a low fuel consumption. This new Yamaha scooter, thanks to its low weight is one of the lightest and most compact of the category of 125cc scooters that make it perfect for city use.

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Yamaha Motor D’elight 125cc Scooter, 4 Stroke, Quiet and Economical

The motor scooter 125cc Yamaha D’elight is a 114 cc single cylinder, 4-stroke, two-valve air-cooled technology that incorporates YMJET-FI (Yamaha Mixture Jet-Fuel Injection). This system uses an auxiliary duct for admission beside the main and providing a complement to the inlet and the air and fuel mixture in a manner that improves the efficiency of combustion. In practice, this system as simple as cash improves consumption and reduce emissions model.

The engine cooling D’elight 125cc Yamaha scooter is forced air and it is very advisable. The engine is cooled by cold air that is always running, whether you’re still as moving. This aspect provides the advantage that the motor may be lighter and more compact than the cooling liquid, and that has perrmitido accommodate 114 cc engine in a chassis as compact as a 50 cc.

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Classical Aesthetics, Compact Size and Low Weight the D’elight 125cc Yamaha Scooter

Yamaha wanted to give it a retro classic and his new scooter model 2014. The D’elight 125cc Yamaha has classic lines and a little retro, but with a studied aerodynamics and a windbreak. It has also worked in pilot comfort, providing ample legroom and a low seat height of only 775 mm high. Another aspect that gives it that classic touch is analog instrumentation, as well as the lighthouse, oval design which is mounted on the handlebars.

Measurements 125cc Yamaha D’elight surprised because at first glance may seem a 50cc scooter thanks to its dimensions. This has been possible thanks to the use of a tubular chassis and the content of engine measures. The weight of D’elight 125cc Yamaha scooter is 98 kg, so agility is assured and this factor is enhanced with a wide turning radius, which reaches 1.8 meters.

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Other Features of the Yamaha Scooter 125cc D’elight

The D’elight 125cc Yamaha scooter has a tail that incorporates intermittent and the brake light. In the front, there have been intermittent flush, so as to avoid accidental breakage. To carry small objects, this 125cc scooter features a glove at the knees, a hook for a helmet, very useful in the city and folding brackets. Following the way of this model, the wheels are alloy incorporating 3-spoke.

To curb this model Yamaha has equipped the front brake disc 180 mm. and has a brake caliper with a piston while the rear brake drum incorporates. Usability has been studied in this model and where the fuel tank cap and storage pocket are on the legs. Under the seat of this 125cc scooter enough space for a jet helmet.

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Colors, Price and Availability D’elight 125cc Yamaha Scooter

The new D’elight Yamaha 125cc Scooter will be available in the following colors Milky White, Midnight Black and Magnetic Bronze. Its price, although it has not been officially announced, is shown to be less than $ 2,000. The date of availability in Spain of Yamaha D’elight will be from August 2013.

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