Compare Kawasaki Z800 vs Z750R: What of the Mouth?

In early 2013, a Kawasaki Z in another shooting, the new Z 800 taking over the Z750, and strategic reports expected from the former best-selling French motorcycle.

Kawasaki Z800 vs Z750R

Kawasaki Z800 vs Z750R Bikes Pictures

Here is a station on motorcycle ultimate showdown, between the last and the new Kawasaki Z750R Kawasaki Z800. Evolution or revolution? Answers here, measurements, weights and passages on the test bench to support.

For Kawasaki, the Z750 is a goose that lays golden eggs, having managed to make an impression upon his arrival in 2004 with a performance / capacity / price even more unbeatable that direct competition was slow to arrive report ( Yamaha FZ8 in 2010 and Suzuki GSR 750 in 2011 ). Will understand, why Z hogs the top sales of motorcycles over 125 cm3 since its release in France. Kawasaki Z 750 has evolved in 2007 and virtually thereafter, except for the R version launched in 2011 as a hurray.

We were expecting a revolution – new engine, new chassis – with the arrival announced in 2013 its successor. But if aesthetics roadster mid size of reference for the less evolved, it can not be said of the data sheet. So, to better measure progress, we decided to oppose the new Kawasaki Z800 2013 Kawasaki Z750R 2012, since the 800 is supposed to replace the version of R while Z800e takes over the standard Z 750.

Kawasaki Z800 vs Z750R`

Kawasaki Z800 vs Z750R Bikes photos

Manga Style in Gang Nam!

Riding the Kawasaki Z800, I find Mehdi has already begun photos details of Kawasaki Z 750R. Once is not custom, our test bikes we are loaned by their owners, almost new roads and their standard tires. In terms of style, any doubt: Kawasaki played the scalpel to get the Z800 Manga Style in Gang Nam Style! Joking: Kawasaki Z800 really brings something new to the genre.

More complex, its skin is made up of a large number of parts, but does not show any hardware or almost. It was also a product strategy openly claimed by Kawasaki, the line combined with a polished finish, in line with customer expectations of Z. Like it or not, but the finish of the Z800 is successful. If the Z 750 R therefore takes a little bit old, it retains arguments: a successful dress, so old school, to which the gold wheels add a touch class.

Moreover, Z750R features a more prestigious than the new Z 800, including a nice oscillating inherited Z 1000 aluminum arms equipment, while its successor merely a conventional swingarm steel, carefully dressed caches . When Z750R exhibits a radial front brake while the Z800 is merely conventional axial piston calipers 4.

On the technical side, so there is a return back to the Z800, which should not necessarily be trusted. We have seen recently with the Suzuki GSR 750 that, technically and aesthetically, regressed against a richly endowed GSR 600 (frame and aluminum swing arm …), while the last roadster public this Suzuki a dynamic assessment clearly favorable. But take the controls for Z to get to the bottom.

Kawasaki Z800 vs Z750R

Kawasaki Z800 vs Z750R Bikes Images

But liposuction Plastic Surgery

And then we feel it n ‘not just the scenery which changes. Kawasaki Z 800 is more high, but less bulbous (and for good reason, the tank lost 1.5 liters), in addition, we discover a new more ergonomic forward tilted, with arms wider apart than the Kawasaki Z 750 R.

The atmosphere on board is also changing radically. Exit the classic dashboard with a tachometer needle overlooking the fork of Z750R, Z 800 features for its part a compact bloc of instruments housed below and completely clears the space around the lighthouse. This recalls the Ducati Streetfighter or some Buell, weird feeling much closer to the front wheel.

During maneuvers to stop, we do not see a significant difference in weight. Balance to support both Z both show 228.4 kg, but our borrowing Z800 does not have ABS (unlike Z750R). Passing from one to the other, at a normal pace, it has the feeling of change bikes, be it in terms of ergonomics, now more favorable to more than 1.75 m. The environment provided by the Z 800 is aged Z 750 R, and can be found quickly to drive the weak points of this almost young retiree.

Kawasaki Z800 vs Z750R

Kawasaki Z800 vs Z750R Nice Bikes Pictures

More Homogeneous the Z800 and More Vivid As

At first glance, the Kawasaki 750R refuse the setting angle, then plunges to the rope so little progressive. The return of the Dunlop D210 grip specific to that is not very reassuring either. It is therefore noted significant progress in taking control of the Z800, more precise steering, more comfortable in the course changes around the mid-point when an angle to the other one goes. It is more natural in turn, is much less strength to write it on the corner. The new Dunlop D214 should not be strangers.

With a more incisive behavior, Z 800 thus gives desire to play a celebration that lasts for a time. As soon as the rate increases, finds herself having to deal with the weight of the beast and its steering geometry optimized if not redefined. Thus, the Kawasaki Z 800 gives a feeling of lightness and higher accuracy on good coating facing the Z 750 R, but also shows more sensitive to braking angle with a direction that seeks to recover more. Side heading hold, the Z 800 is superior to good coating: impeccable stability, placement accuracy is better!

Moreover, the Z 800 can stop quickly … if you pull hard on the lever, but the dosage is not the most obvious. Z 750 R, better equipped, does not offer a better feeling really. It’s almost disappointing although wicked radial brake calipers offer even more power, probably too much in the wet!

Kawasaki Z800 vs Z750R

Kawasaki Z800 vs Z750R Nice Bikes Photos

58 cm3 Approval More

Over the miles, we realize that the engine of the new Kawasaki Z800 progresses more pleasure than performance. In terms of speed, for example, the two Z stand in a handkerchief. In contrast, the 750R in a cold 800 times, whether low-or mid-range. More than the torque deviation measured on the bench (just 0.1 mkg) is obviously shortened the transmission of Z 800, which allows him to outrun his senior. Two teeth in the crown also provide additional engine braking also great for everyday use as detrimental in athletic wear with a report too.

Logically, the Z750R may plead a demonstrative longer, with a furious surge past 7500 rev / min. In comparison, the Z 800 is more linear, and in the end, has potential in terms of power and torque: acceleration and times are still to go, even if the new exhaust sound least suggests the opposite. Also note – but this can be attributed to our bikes borrowing “cash out” – the Kawasaki Z 800 showed a much nicer engine filling devoid of a sudden or hollow at current pace. The passage of the Keihin to Mikuni there is probably no stranger.

Remains difficult chapter of comfort, which has never been the strong point of the Z750. On the Z800, the vibrations are better filtered, contained a portion of the tank, as they are present in the handlebars and footrests Z 750 R. Depreciation increased slightly, especially in the back with a shock refocused but especially associated with a new link. However, the Kawasaki Z 800 is a dry bike across, which loves or small bumps or potholes. It is far, for comparison, the effect of “flying carpet” of a BMW F800R.

Kawasaki Z800 vs Z750R

Kawasaki Z800 vs Z750R Nice Bikes Images

Conclusion: This is an Evolution

Time to clear out inventory in early 2013, the latest Kawasaki Z750 will cohabit with new concessions Z800, freshly landed in Thailand. Retailers will therefore have to answer a fundamental question: does it take a new Z 800 (€ 8,899 or € 9,499 for ABS version), while a Z 750 R is displayed under € 200?

If we were to make a choice based on catalog prices, the driving license, the ergonomics and the homogeneity of the 800 Z guide us probably. But specials coming probably on the Z750 will be busy reluctant Z addicts. There is also the prospect of resale: within two years, will be worth the Z750 on the second hand market? Beyond these commercial considerations, we retain most Kawasaki has mostly focused on the aesthetics of the Z800 in order to remain in the top-selling motorcycle in France, eventually more than his technique, as our actions and sensations demonstrated. A pay? The next few months will tell.

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