Christophe Aubry Creates a Side Car With a Triumph Rocket III

Christophe Aubry has managed to blend his two passions: the sidecar and sport bikes. Strange choice, it’s on, but a sidecar like his, you do not come across every day. The head of the concession AMR Vittel in the Vosges, took a Triumph Rocket III, and made ​​a side car!

Triumph Rocket III

Triumph Rocket III Bikes Pictures

The explanation for this wacky mix is explained so to speak, by the fact that Christophe Aubry made ​​the competition sidecar championship in France in particular, a few years ago. Like any driver, he tried to always go empty to make the best time possible. So, to have a sidecar that pulse, he chose the three-cylinder Triumph.

Triumph Rocket III

Triumph Rocket III Bikes photos

This is the story of the Creation of The Sidecar,

“It itched to build a sidecar powered by three-cylinder Rocket III engine that is really exciting and a lot of fun and excitement, without the need to go fast. And since the “road constraints” Today, it has become an important aspect!

Triumph Rocket III

Triumph Rocket III Bikes Images

I installed a 5 liter tank near the engine with the pump and the injection system, and an auxiliary tank with a capacity of 50 liters, takes place in the trunk of the basket with the battery. The goal was to move the weight on the side in order to gain traction, especially when riding in solole swingarm had to be pierced to let the exhaust system made ​​by me.

Triumph Rocket III

Triumph Rocket III Nice Bikes Pictures

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