CB1100 Vs XJR1300: Classic, it’s Fantastic

One is a modern motorcycle designed” to” the old, the other a roadster with beautiful remains a classic. The Honda CB1100 and Yamaha XJR1300 yet have the same objective: the nostalgic charm of old biker sensations. Duel.

CB1100 Vs XJR1300

CB1100 Vs XJR1300 Bikes Pictures

Oh, Grandpa day!

Artificially aged clothing, automobiles inspired by past successes (Fiat 500, Volkswagen Beetle, etc..) Inside “old school” decorations … Whatever the field, make new imitating the former became trend. Motorcycle production is no exception to this phenomenon, as it echoes the rising average age of the motorcyclist: although some young are now “vintage” which was described as “cheesy” yesterday, it is a mature clientele that is aimed primarily a neo-retro like the Honda CB1100 .

Impossible indeed not plunge 45 years ago detailing his flat saddle, his lying, his double cradle frame, its combined shock, narrow tires, the round headlight and above the four-cylinder air-cooled oil tank line: the CB1100 strikes a chord of nostalgia inspired openly CB750 Four!

Discovery as a concept in Tokyo in 2007 and three years later sold only in Japan and Australia, this “old false” has a breakneck pace. The secret? Technical and aesthetic simplicity that refers to the essence of the motorcycle handlebars, two wheels, a (large) motor, and basta! Damage a quad exhaust outlets was not chosen to emphasize the parallel with the cult classic “4-pots.” Visually, its back stripped would also gained in balance.

CB1100 Vs XJR1300

CB1100 Vs XJR1300 Bikes Photos

The presence of rims sticks chagrinera also those who “know a lot”, as the plastic keys scattered here and there (cabochons indicators, counters and support rear light, etc.). Apart from these details, the bike is a pure stylistic success, coupled with a brilliant demonstration of the “know-do-well” Honda: look back and forth between the top with delight new engine surrounded by thin fins 2 mm – the part low, it comes from the CB1300 – and beautiful pieces such as plates recessed footrest.

The assembly does not suffer from any defect, surface treatments are treated (especially chrome mudguards) and integration of grid shines its discretion. Even the installation of small oil cooler 335 mm in front of the cylinder heads has been enough attention not to disturb the line.

CB1100 Vs XJR1300

CB1100 Vs XJR1300 Bikes Images

In short, Honda has kept the packaging to maintain the illusion despite its novelty status in 2013, the CB1100 disclaims true flavors of the past. Only the C-ABS braking (combined from back to front), the coded key, its exhaust catalyzed its PGM-FI and the digital screen (with clock, fuel gauge and trips) between its readable meter and tachometer needle betray its modern design.

Authentically Old

Face it, the XJR1300 rolls mechanical (including read our comparative CB1300S Vs Vs Bandit 1250 XJR1300 ). And not only because its 98 hp and 108.4 Nm give him the mechanical advantage (87.9 hp and 93 Nm for Honda)! Yamaha has especially something that the artifices of her rival only suggest: an authentic old status. A distinction has nothing trivial for some fans of the genre

CB1100 Vs XJR1300

CB1100 Vs XJR1300 Nice Bikes Pictures

The design of the engine, for example, dates back to the initiator of the saga: the XJR1200 1995. Until the arrival of the CB1100, the big block was also the last of the Japanese “four-legged” air cooled on the market! Meanwhile, this engine has naturally evolved: it is past including 1188 cc to 1251 cc in 1999, dropped an exhaust outlet in 2002 and has followed the evolution of standards by adopting a catalyst in 2004 and the injection three years later.

This conservatism is also evident in its chassis: the double cradle steel frame is certainly strengthened over the years and suspensions won both rigor in setting possibilities, but the front brake calipers always come from the R1 1998!

Aesthetically, the same struggle: “The designers did not want to change the image of this insensitive machine time and I bet the vast majority of riders do not see the difference without further consideration,” even joking Yutaka Kubo, project manager of the XJR1300 at the output of the 2002 vintage (the first to receive the Öhlins shock absorbers in series so far reserved for the SP version).
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The most important stylistic change would involve five years later, when round led lights will appear in the rear seat raised nicely. Since 2007, the XJR1300 has not changed: the following vintages merely new colors and some graphical changes (fork and swingarm dyed black in 2011, for example).

And so much the better would be tempted to write both lines have lost none of their charm! More sports – but more massive – than the CB1100, style evokes the very first “Superbike” with which American pilots were shooting the wad in the 70/80. Its polished fins, its amortos Öhlins and maousse oscillating aluminum arm strengthen this side “of the past racing” while participating in the excellent perceived quality generated by the motorcycle.

Like the Honda, the finish is excellent and the quality of materials inspires serious. The only downside comes from the alternator exposing shamelessly under its copper coils … The instrumentation also proves a bit austere: a chrome trim around the counter would not displease us.

Since 2004, the XJR1300 has a coded key while its instrumentation welcomes her as a small digital window between the two counters. If digital keypad exposes the same information as the Honda (trips, time, fuel level), the smallness of his characters but makes the text readable while driving.

With MNC, here you are now equipped to hold the floor for hours at a boozer or old collection! But now that the introductions are made, if we went aboard the CB1100 XJR1300 and to see what they have in the belly?

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