CB 1300: Impressive and Muscular

With its muscular lines arranged around an incredible 4 cylinders in line dual cam shaft head fed by injection, CB1300S is the flagship of the Honda game.

CB 1300

CB 1300 Bikes Pictures

Acceleration is powerful and vivid as the power comes in an ever progressive and immediate. Despite the large size of the CB1300S, a low seat Nouvele his upright position control and ease of behavior make it incredibly exciting to drive.

CB 1300

CB 1300 Bikes Photos

All to Please

The aerodynamic fairing and tinted bubble protect the driver against the wind fatigue at high speed while the redesigned rear hull benefits from a new passenger grab handle adds comfort and security. Thanks to the generous 21-liter tank, comfort on long distance and omnipresent power can enjoy long and everywhere, urban golf tourism in the long term …

Safe Conduct

CB 1300 (2)
A neutral behavior is ensured by the oscillating aluminum 40x90mm tube arm so that the two gas springs and separate cylinder.

CB 1300

CB 1300 Bikes Images


Compact, elegant and aerodynamic, the fairing has a powerful optical 55W for optimum visibility.

Security and Power
CB 1300 (4)
Disc brakes and high performance triple-piston calipers are the original partners in combined anti-lock system for rasurante braking control.

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