C Evolution: Electric Scooter by BMW

At BMW, the electric revolution is underway at all levels. After the i3 and i8 the automotive department, place C Evolution scooter.


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At the Frankfurt Motor Show, BMW has impressed the gallery, with its first two 100% electric cars for the general public, small i3 and the i8 mesmerizing . But the Bavarian manufacturer also intends to convert its two-wheeled electric. Thus, the zero emission scooter BMW C,  called Evolution and unveiled for the first time in 2012, indeed released in 2014.

A Scooter Designed for Everyday Use

The BMW C Evolution will have a range of 100km and can be recharged from a standard wall socket in less than four hours. This new two-wheelers, with an acceleration from 0 to 50km / h in two seconds and a top speed of 120km / h, is primarily designed for everyday use. It has a slip control through Torque Control Assist (TCA) which helps the driver, especially at startup and prevents the rear wheel is racing on rough surfaces.

It even has four different modes of control. For example, the fashion Road (Route), the pilot has a maximum acceleration and the maximum regenerative braking. Eco Pro mode, acceleration is limited to lengthen battery life.

Many Driver Aids

In addition, a color TFT display lets you see at a glance all the data on the two-wheelers, in numerical or graphical form. Other more help to reverse that makes it easy to maneuver even not. One can even opt for the solution heated grips for comfort in cold weather.

As this was foreseen, the scooter out in 2014, but BMW has not raised prices.

Picture Gallery of Electric Scooter

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